Last month, the three spicy taxes involved 9.5 billion

Last month, the three spicy taxes involved 9.5 billion.

According to the statistics of the Inland Revenue Department, the total tax on three hot-selling taxes (including additional stamp duty SSD, buyer stamp duty BSD and ad valorem stamp duty DSD) was about 954 million yuan in February, which was more than 54% sharper than that of about 2.094 billion yuan in January. The amount was about 920 million yuan in January 2016, the least in more than 3 years. In spite of the increase in SSD transactions, 42 cases were recorded in February, an increase of 4 cases (about 11%) from 38 cases in January. The tax amount was about 25.22 million yuan, up about 28% from January’s about 19.76 million yuan.

Even the number of transactions and taxes of DSD and even BSD fell, among which only 94 cases of BSD transactions were compared with 182 cases in January, which was about 48%. The amount also fell about 58%, from about 500 million in January. Yuan, falling back to February is only about 209 million yuan. Even DSD transactions were 1098, a decrease of about 42% from January’s 1889. The investment fell from 1.57 billion in January to about 720 million in February, a drop of about 54%.