Haizhilian 4 subscribers re-tweet

Haizhilian 4 subscribers re-tweet

The new hot sale led to a one-handed increase in turnover. More than 70 single-handed units were recorded in a single day yesterday. Among them, Haizhi Love pushed 4 groups of subscribers yesterday and sold them within 1 hour. The cash is about 43 million yuan.

The love of the sea in Tsuen Wan will be pushed by 4 groups of subscribers to a discounted price of 7.824 million to 15.42 million yuan, and the price is 18,401 to 20,055 yuan. The project was launched last morning to attract buyers, and the four groups finally sold out within one hour, and the cash package was about 43 million yuan.

LP6 sells 16 people a day, 491 households push next week

Another two projects in Cannes were recorded yesterday. LP6 sold 16 people in a single day. The project also uploaded the latest sales arrangements on the same day. It will launch 491 units next Friday (22nd), of which 438 will arrive first. First come form, 53 groups of tenders. The Jinhai II in the same district also recorded transactions yesterday. The trading price of the eight groups ranged from 6.5 million to 11.1 million yuan, and the price was between 16,095 and 19,300 yuan.

Xindi (00016) Ba Bington Hill recorded the transaction of Room B on the 18th floor yesterday. The 3 room area was 836 square feet and changed hands to 33.44 million yuan. The price was 40,000 yuan. The same department will increase the price of two low-seat special households, the unit is the 11th floor and the 9th floor of Room B, which will be priced from 637.42 million and 61.58 million yuan in April 2017, and will be added to the latest price of 65.17 million and 6.3095 million yuan. The width is about 2%.

New World (00017) Bai Weishan recorded a new high price transaction yesterday, a 30-story G room with an area of ​​614 square feet, a transaction price of 21.17 million yuan, and a price of 34,479 yuan, a record high transaction price of similar units. The project has sold 503 people so far, and the cash is over RMB 11.8 billion.

The door to the development of Vanke Real Estate (Hong Kong), which recorded 4 transactions yesterday, broke the highest single-day transaction volume of the project in recent months, and sold 631 people accounted for about 78% of the units available for sale. Another Nanfeng Deepwater Bay Trail 8 sales arrangement will be launched on Friday, a 5th floor, Room B, tendering time from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.