The 22nd floor of Central Center resales at 63.35 million

The 22nd floor of Central Center resales at 63.35 million

Senior investor Cai Zhizhong unveiled the entire floor of the 22nd floor of Central Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, and launched 11 units for sale. A total of 6 units were sold. The price reduction is now pushing 4 units at the end of the price. The entrance fee is 63.35 million yuan, and the price of the price starts from less than 35,000 yuan.

Cai Zhizhong began to dismantle the 22nd floor of the Central Center in August last year. The full-floor construction area is 25078 square meters, with 12 units in division and 6 sales. It is seen that the first batch of 6 units has completed the transaction, and the owner can’t wait to re-sell the remaining goods and re-issue the price list, which will reduce the price by up to 10%.

Cai Zhizhong said that the atmosphere of the property market has turned better. Regardless of whether the residential or industrial and commercial properties have opened a red plate, in response to a number of recent buyers, the four units on the 22nd floor of the Central Center will be launched. According to the price list, the re-pushing units are 5, 8, 9 and 10 rooms, with a unit construction area of ​​1810 to 2852 square meters, with a price of 63.35 million to 99.677 million yuan and a price of 34950 to 35360 yuan.

According to the data, the highest-priced rooms 5 and 8 were launched in the first round of demolition in August last year. The building area is 2,601 square meters, and the practical area is 1,691 square meters. At that time, the price was 10,945 million yuan. It was upgraded to 1.10775058 billion in September last year. At present, the latest two units have been reduced to 99.974 million yuan, a price reduction of 10,073,180 yuan from the highest level, a reduction of 10%.

Two units of building area water 9.7%

However, it is worth noting that the latest available area of ​​the two flats remained unchanged, but the building area increased by 251 square feet to 2852 square meters. The area of ​​"water supply" was 9.7%, resulting in the flat price of the flats in September last year. The amount of $42,580 was significantly reduced to $34,450. However, after the “water", the unit utility rate dropped from about 65% to about 59%.

Cai Zhizhong emphasized that the property price is generally lower than the bank’s valuation by more than 10%. It is a strategy of taking small profits but quick turnover in response to market conditions. As for the unit area, which is different from six months ago, he said that the latest price list shows the area calculated by the surveyor.

There were no resale rooms and 11 rooms that had never been re-launched. The building areas were 2781 and 3184 square meters. They are now renting 85 and 80 yuan for rent. The monthly rent is about 234,400 and 254,700 yuan.

Cai Zhizhong’s 6 units on the 22nd floor of the Central Center, with a transaction price of 68.65 million to 92.27 million yuan, a price of 4,1080 to 43,380 yuan, and a cash payment of about 492 million yuan.

According to the data, Changshi (01113) sold 75% of the Central Center in November 2017 for 40.2 billion yuan, while new buyers were spun off the shipment last year.