Kai shore and push 92 people each time more than 22,000 yuan half a month price increase 10.7% the most expensive two households see nine balls

Kai shore and push 92 people each time more than 22,000 yuan half a month price increase 10.7% the most expensive two households see nine balls

The new disk was sold, stimulating the developer’s attitude to push forward. The development of Henderson Land (00012) yesterday pushed a new batch of 92 people, and the average price of the first price was 22,000 yuan. 4.3%, compared with the first batch of 14 days in the first batch of the previous month, the price increase was over 10%. The most expensive price of the two groups broke through the “nine-ball", which is the first in the batch.

Hung Hom Kai On the first Saturday (9th), the first round of sales of 246 people sold out on the same day, becoming the first round of the first round of the “new day" in the first two months of the market, developers rarely have no late push, but two days later In the end, I couldn’t help but raise the price sharply. I pushed a total of 92 people on the 4th price list yesterday. The average price of the discount was 22,106 yuan, which was 21,193 yuan more than the average price of the 3rd price on the last Tuesday (5th). The price is about 4.3% higher than the price increase of more than 4% for the two consecutive price orders. Compared with the average price of the first price list on the 26th of last month, the average price is less than 20,000 yuan, and the price is raised by 10.7 in just 14 days. %.

According to the new price list, the discounted price of 92 pairs of discounts was 5,046,600 to 9,172,200 yuan. Some units have increased their prices compared with the similar units launched last Tuesday. For example, the new 30-floor B5 room, the practical area of ​​268 square meters. Hey, the discounted price is 6,406,800 yuan, and the discount price is 23,906 yuan. It is the same as the same floor that was launched on Tuesday, and it is the same as the B2 room. The practical area is 272 square meters. The discounted price is 23051 yuan, up by about 3.7%. It is worth mentioning that among the new batch of units, the first two-person discounted prices are higher than the “nine-ball", which is the most expensive of the batch units.

Huaying Pokfulam Mansions are now in the city

In fact, this year’s first-hand market also has a new disk with a push-and-price increase. For example, Xindi (00016), Touachi Bay, Downtown 38 announced on January 11 this year that the average price of the first price list was only 17,288 yuan, but only 9 days apart. The third price list, the average price of the discount has risen to 19780 yuan, and the cumulative increase in short time is about 14.4%.

Other developers also have their own actions. Wu Chongwu, director of the sales department of Huaying Group, said that the group’s Yuanlang Longchenghui has pushed 72 people to nearly smear last month. It is expected that a new batch of units will be added as soon as next week. Space; the current luxury mansion project at 55-57 Pok Fu Road, Pokfulam is also expected to debut in the month, providing 5 bungalows and 16 duplex units. In addition, there will be 13 bungalows for sale in Saigon, including 10 groups of baht, 2 groups of Yinhai Peak and 1 group of Yinjingfeng.

Hundreds of customers compete for the purchase of Haizhilian 4挞 order

Nanfeng and other developments in the South District, Deep Water Bay Trail No. 8, more than a month apart, also pushed a group of 5, 5th Floor, Room B, this Friday (15th) for a single day tender, a practical area of ​​3641 square feet; project Up to now, 5 people have been sold, and the cash is over 1,369,600 million yuan.

In addition, Cheung Kong (01113)’s Tsuen Wan Sea Love was selected for the first time in the first month of the month. The developer increased its price by 11.7% to 18.9%. It was re-launched yesterday. According to the news, more than 100 prospective buyers were attracted. In order to purchase, the four orders have been sold out in less than one hour.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that at present, the “market upgrade" will not require developers to dump their units at a lower price. “There will be a lot of price after the market, and the market may not have many more." Below the second-hand market price push, there is a greater chance of extinction. It is not excluded that some developers have delayed the pace of selling.