Kaiping and pushing 92 units, individual price increases of 14%

Kaiping and pushing 92 units, individual price increases of 14%

The Hung Hom Kai Kau hot sale, yesterday pushed 92 people, the real price ranged from 19,900 to 24,500 yuan, individual units increased by 14% compared with the first batch, all units have a real price of more than 5 million yuan, open units The discount was 5.065 million yuan.

246 people were sold in the first round last week.

Henderson Land (00012) opened its first round of sales on Saturday, and the 246th team was on the market. The developers yesterday pushed the No. 4 price list. Many units have a certain increase in price compared with the units launched before. The new batch of units consists of 92 people, including open-plan to 2-bedroom, ranging from 255 to 381 square feet. The price list is from 5.055 million to 9.91 million yuan, and the price list is from 21,588 to 26,580 yuan.

In the 120 days, the maximum discount for the 8% is calculated. The actual price of the unit is from 5.046 million to 91.17 million yuan, and the discount price is 19,861 to 24,454 yuan. The calculation of the actual unit price of this batch has been more than 5 million yuan, of which the C2 room on the 3rd floor is the flattest single-price and the most flat unit of the price. The area is 255 square feet. It is an open plan type with a discount price of 506.5. Ten thousand yuan, the real price is 19,863 yuan.

For example, the same unit is compared with the first batch of units. Take the D7 room on the 26th floor as an example. It is a 2-bedroom household, sitting west, with an area of ​​381 square feet, a discounted price of 8.826 million yuan, and a discounted price of 23,165 yuan.

Compared with the first floor of the D1 room of the same unit, it belongs to the 2nd room and sits westward. The area is slightly larger, 391 square feet, but the actual price is 7.961 million, and the price is 20,361 yuan, which is about 14%.

Yuen Long Lang Cheng Hui, Hua Wei, plans to push next week

In addition, Huasheng’s multiple surplus items have been sold for about 177 people so far this year, with over 1.7 billion yuan in cash, including several independent houses. When the Yuen Long Long City resold about 100 gangs, the cash was about 1 billion yuan, and the entire project sold 381 gangs, accounting for more than 5% of the total 720 gangs, and nearly 3 billion yuan. Wu Chongwu, director of the sales department of Huaying Group, said that it is expected to increase the price of the Langchenghui unit next week.

The Pokfulam Bisashi Road project was launched within the fastest month. The project provides 21 groups, including 5 houses and 16 duplexes, with a tiered unit of about 1,600 square feet.

As for the vacant tax to be launched, Wu said that the project must be satisfied with the paper to get into the gang, but the occupation paper is the boundary. The relevant policies are unreasonable, and most of the luxury house buyers must first look at the finished products, they should get more Prepare for more time and hope that the government can show mercy.

Midland Realty also opened a new flagship store in Sai Kung. Bu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland Real Estate, said that the target is to add 10 branches in the first half of this year and increase about 600 employees. He said that he has hired more than 120 people in the first two months and about 4,000 front-line employees.