Mainland businessmen 5 billion to buy Kowloon City Square full building

In recent years, China has been actively investing in Hong Kong, the latest action is shouting people’s livelihood shopping malls; “toy king” Cai Zhiming’s Kowloon City Plaza, just to implement the form of transfer of the company changed hands, the price of five billion yuan, the buyer for the supermarket business The The mall is the largest resale and shop deal in Hong Kong this year and has brought over $ 3 billion in book profit for Cai Zhiming.

Earlier this disclosure, “Toy King” Cai Zhiming’s Kowloon City Plaza, the buyer bid five billion yuan to buy, when Cai Zhiming has confirmed the news. Yesterday, the transaction has a breakthrough in progress, the market news revealed that the project has just been implemented to transfer the form of the company changed hands, buyers for the Mainland business, involved in commercial real estate, hotels and cultural industries Wanda Group.

Cai Zhiming: has settled 250 million

Cai Zhiming responded to this inquiry, the store just to sell five billion yuan, he received a temporary deposit of 250 million yuan, next week and then receive 250 million yuan, a total of 500 million yuan, for the transaction price Yucheng, the date of the transaction to be negotiated on both sides.

Cai Zhiming said, he did not know the buyer identity, only know that the low-key mainland businessmen, buyers at this stage do not want to exposure. He is in the Mainland to operate shopping malls and supermarkets, shopping malls are very experienced. He said that in the past period, the prospective purchaser of the mall had more than one prospective buyer, and yesterday he had another prospective buyer to sell, and he was willing to bid up to six billion, but since he had implemented the sale of the mall, he refused to make the latest offer The

Kowloon City Square covers an area of ​​63,700 square feet, eight-storey building, the total floor of about 640,000 square feet, the current average price of about 7,800 yuan, the mall has about one hundred and fifty A shop and four hundred parking spaces, about 12 million yuan, the new home buyers reported nearly three percent.

City voucher calls high

Cai Zhiming in May 2008, spent about 1.4 billion yuan, to Morgan Stanley led the consortium to buy, when the price of only 233 yuan per foot, he entered the market, the mall repackaged, Including the introduction of AEON department stores in 12 years, leasing 120,000 square feet, becoming the largest tenant, the sale of property, book profit of 3.5 billion yuan, the property in nine years, the appreciation of more than 2.3 times.

Kowloon City Plaza is located in Jia Bingda Road on the 28th, is a large shopping malls in the district, also witness the high tide of the property market. Bailu Bao in 1989 to 286 million yuan to vote in the land, then the 64 incident occurred, the property market was low. And to the completion of shopping malls in 1993, as a large shopping center in the region, when the port economy steadily up, shopping malls business is good. Before 1997, the influx of immigrants, many Hong Kong people to Kai Tak airport farewell friends, take the opportunity to Kowloon City shopping malls, when shopping malls business surging.

Nine years of appreciation of more than 2.3 times

But until 1998, due to the relocation of the airport, plus another city shopping malls completed, the mall business quickly fell. In the same year, Gabriel to the City Planning Commission to apply for the construction of Kowloon City Plaza, the West will be part of the theater, alteration of a 39-storey hotel, east shopping malls to build two-story parking lot, the city will be difficult to load traffic, Veto its application.

In the past four years, the company merged with Jamaicheng International and Pamfleet to purchase the two properties of Kowloon City Plaza and Causeway Bay Plaza. The transaction was estimated to be about $ 2 billion. After four years , Will this shop sold to Cai Zhiming.