Bai Aoshan parking car king “see blood” eclipse 350,000 3.75 million change hands less than three years depreciation 8.5%

Bai Aoshan parking car king “see blood” eclipse 350,000 3.75 million change hands less than three years depreciation 8.5%

In recent years, the cost of parking spaces has increased. Some new car parking spaces have even surpassed the residential units of ordinary boarding estates. However, some expensive parking spaces are “not high in the heights” and are rarely recorded. The most expensive parking space in North Point, Pok Oi Shan, was sold for $3.75 million. The original business was less than 3 years old and it was necessary to erode $350,000 to leave the market. It became the first blood in the car park. However, the owner of the parking space took out a residential unit in the same housing estate for about 20 million yuan a month ago. The book earned 1.67 million yuan. After deducting the loss of the parking space and all the fees, the actual bill was estimated to be about 300,000 yuan.

According to the Land Registry, a double parking space on the 1st floor of Pearson Hill was registered and sold on May 28 with a transaction price of $3.75 million. Based on the current market value of 7,000 yuan per month, the return is about 2.24%. The parking space has been the highest in the past, and the original owner purchased it for 4.1 million yuan in August 2016. The current account eclipse is 350,000 yuan, depreciating 8.5%.

The original owner last month, two-bedroom households, overall earned

According to the data, the above-mentioned car was sold in July 2016 by the project developer New World (00017), and the first-hand cost was only 2.9 million yuan. Since there are 358 residential units in Pui Ou Shan, only 139 parking spaces are provided, with an average of about 1 parking space per 2.5 households. The car was resold in a month after the month of picking up the goods (transfer before the transaction was completed). The price soared to 4.1 million yuan, 飙 41.4%. It is still the most expensive car park in the estate.

According to the agent in the district, the second floor of the first floor of the eclipse was released in October last year. The price was only $4 million, which was lower than the purchase price by $100,000 or 2.4%. It is also the only one that is willing to sell the plate, but in the end it still has to further reduce the price by 250,000 yuan to 3.75 million yuan and successfully ship.

In fact, after a period of time in the occupation of Berkshire, the parking space was slow, and with the latest transactions, there were only three transactions this year. At the beginning of last month, the same number of parking spaces on the 1st floor changed hands by 2.7 million yuan. The cost was the same as the first-hand transaction price in 2016. Although the price was eroded, the book was “not guaranteed.” The latest double car parking space has become the first case of car parks in the estate.

Although the original owner sold the parking space and lost his hand, the residential unit holding the same housing estate had just profited from the beginning of last month. The unit is 3 high-rise D rooms, with a practical area of ​​596 square meters. The two rooms are separated by 20 million yuan, and the price is 33,557 yuan. It was purchased in April 2015. At that time, the price was 18.33 million yuan. The goods were resold for more than 4 years, and the book profit was about 1.67 million yuan (appreciation of about 9.1%). After deducting the amount of parking space loss, the original owner’s book still earned a profit of 1.32 million yuan. If the stamp duty and agency commission are taken into account, it is estimated that it will still earn about 300,000 yuan.

Housing 3 parking space for sale The most expensive is 4.8 million

Huang Wenlong, executive director of Shengye Real Estate on the 21st, said that there are only three parking spaces for sale in Bai Aoshan, all of which are higher than the purchase price. The asking price is from 4.1 million yuan. The most expensive one is the first floor and the price is 4.8 million yuan. East New Heights.

At present, the most expensive parking space on Hong Kong Island is the same as the development of the New World, and the highest transaction price is 4.2 million yuan. Due to the high purchase price and the fact that buyers entering the market are mostly reserved for their own use, there is little market for sale.