Lushan 3.98 million leveling property open account record this year

Lushan 3.98 million leveling property open account record this year

Second-hand trading is quiet, but the mini-households are still no shortage of visitors. Among them, Tai Po Lushan and Sha Tin Riverside Garden have recently recorded a mini-house transaction with a price of more than 20,000 yuan. Among them, the 196-square-foot unit of Lushan has a working area of ​​3.98 million yuan. The property price has even tied the record of the most expensive open unit in the estate this year.

According to market news, the above-mentioned high-rise H room of 9 hills in Lushan has a practical area of ​​196 square meters. The original owner has a price of 4.2 million yuan. The market price is about two months. The recent price reduction is 220,000 yuan (about 5.2%). Ten thousand yuan was sold out, and the most expensive open-unit price record of the housing estates set up in the middle and high-rise rooms of the same month last month was tied to the price of 20,306 yuan. The original site was purchased by the original owner in 2015 with a total investment of 1.92 million yuan. In just 4 years, the book earned 2.06 million yuan, an appreciation of about 1.1 times.

The original plan of the riverside is sold in a room of 20579

The fine units of the riverside garden are equally sought after by the market. According to the agent, the 4th floor of the F-seat of the Riverside Garden has a practical area of ​​242 square meters. The principle is one room interval. The price was 5.0 million yuan last month. The sale was about 4.98 million after about one month. Yuan changed hands, the price of 20579 yuan, according to the original owner’s 2010 market price of 1.55 million yuan, the property price of the site increased by 3.43 million yuan (about 2.2 times).

Home ownership mini-houses attract investors to the market. Century 21 Qifeng Manager Li Shusen revealed that the 21st floor of the lower level of the Yuhui Court, Block A, Yuling Court, Fanling Homes, 211 square meters of open-plan units, with a price of 2.8 million yuan for about 3 weeks. In recent days, the investor has negotiated a price of $2.53 million and has repaid the land price. The price is 11991 yuan. According to the current market value of the unit, the monthly rent is 8,000 yuan. The investor enjoys a return of about 3.8 per cent. In 2010, the original owner bought the unpaid land price of 458,000 yuan, and did not pay the land premium amount. The book earned 2.072 million yuan (about 4.5 times).

750 million broken roof in Fanling Hailian Square

In some housing estates, high-priced cases were recorded. According to market news, the middle floor of Room D, Fanling Hailian Plaza, has a saleable area of ​​647 square feet and a three-bedroom interval. The original price was 7.68 million yuan, and finally it was reduced to 7.5 million yuan. The price was 11,591 yuan, and the property price hit a record high in the estate. The original site was purchased by the original owner in 1994 with a capital of 3.1 million yuan, and the book value was increased by 4.4 million yuan (about 1.4 times).

Huang Qingde, senior regional manager of Xiangyi Real Estate, said that there are 3 high-rise rooms B in Longmenju, Tuen Mun. The practical area is 592 square meters. The original plan is 3 bedrooms. Recently, the buyer in the district has won the unpaid land price of 5 million yuan. The price of $84,46 is the second uncompleted land price for the “five-ball" or above. In 1998, the original owner entered the market with an unpaid land price of 880,000 yuan. In about 21 years, the book value was increased by 4.12 million yuan, and the profit was about 4.7 times.