Four uncles donated 100 million

Four uncles donated 100 million

After the announcement of his retirement at the end of last month, “Silver" Li Zhaoji believes that in addition to enjoying more family fun with his family, the rest of his mind is placed on charitable funds. The Baptist University announced that it had received a donation of 100 million yuan from Lee Shau Kee to support the strategic development of the university.

Li Zhaoji, founder of Henderson Land Group and Li Zhaoji Fund, and Qian Dakang, president of the University of Hong Kong, signed an agreement on Wednesday (5th) under the witness of the guests.

Qian Dakang thanked for the generous donation

Qian Dakang thanked Lee Shau-kee for his generous donation and his vision for supporting the University’s strategic development plan from 2018 to 2028. Qian Dakang continued that donations will help university practice programs and lead the development of the company in the fields of film, image, literature and art, music, visual and media art.

In fact, Li Zhaoji has been supporting the development of the Baptist University since 1983, including donating funds for the campus construction fund and the Bund Development Fund. Dip was awarded the honorary doctor of business administration to Lee Shau Kee in 2011, and praised his outstanding contribution to the university and society.