The supply of public housing is backward

The supply of public housing is backward.

The completion of housing and public housing in the next five years is expected to be significantly behind the planned housing production. Many members of the Housing Authority are worried about the fall of the cliff, and the Urban Renewal Authority is planning to increase the subsidy for the sale of houses and to study the plot. The “old pin building” was built in the lower old estates. The Secretary for Transport and Housing, Chen Fan, said that the authorities are studying the old village addition plan.

It is recommended that the old village increase the needle building

The Housing Authority held a public meeting yesterday. Many members were concerned about the insufficient completion of subsidized housing and requested additional construction. Members of the Housing Authority and the DAB Ku Chuangsheng said that the Housing Authority and the Housing Society will only build about 100,800 units in the next five years, which is behind the supply target of the Long Term Housing Strategy. He stressed that the Government should pursue backwardness in an extraordinary period, including the conversion of private housing into public housing development, rent allowance for applicants waiting for public rental housing for more than three years, and introduction of rental control for mortuaries.

Another member, the Chief Executive of the Social Welfare Association, Cai Haiwei, said that the Government had previously announced that the URA would not subsidize the sale of housing in the next five years. He believed that the Government should respond to the problem of public housing shortages and should require the URA to convert some projects into subsidised sale. Housing, think that the practice can make the old districts become balanced after renovation, so that the redevelopment area will not only supply luxury homes.

The Director-General and Member of the Public Housing Association, Mr Kwok Kwok-wai, believes that the Administration can study the addition of green housing in some old estates where the plot ratio has not been fully utilized, and give priority to some villagers to purchase, or A certain attraction, thus vacating more public housing units.

As the Chairman of the Housing Authority, Mr Chan said that the Housing Authority is studying to review whether the plot ratio of public housing estates has been exhausted and whether there is any additional space for upgrading or upgrading. It will emphasize the consideration of the living environment, ventilation and overall transport arrangements of existing tenants. Decisions are made depending on the actual situation.

In addition, the 59-fold HOS application for closing at 7:00 tomorrow night, the Housing Authority’s latest receipt of 195,000 copies, an average of 1 unit for every 40 applications; “Baiju II” will receive 123,000 copies.

As for the Hong Kong people who picked up their flats tomorrow, they will be placed on the first floor. The URA will arrange the first batch of 500 applicants to pick up the flats in order from tomorrow to June 18. However, the Administration has admitted that the project has not yet been finalized. The final discount rate and stamp duty rate of the price will be provided only when the buyer picks up the building.