Land Group Mack Merchant Container Terminal to reset or take 20 years to cover building more difficult

The Land Supply Task Force held its fourth meeting today. According to sources, the group will discuss options for the repurchase of two land supply sites in Kwai Tsing Container Terminals and the development of terminal wharfs. There are some references to the government submissions to the Panel. There is no preconceived position but only socially relevant proposals. The points of reference for the resettlement of container terminals and the construction of pier on the pier are pointed out respectively. It is expected that the Panel will also discuss how to make good use of the terminal land today.

According to the sources, due to the restriction of the Kwai Tsing Wharf expansion to the original site, the Government considers that it is not an option to relocate the wharf to support the sustainable development of the port and to enhance the opportunities brought by the port infrastructure. It may also free up about 380 hectares of land in the downtown area but consider land Ownership, the new terminal location, the new dock can seamlessly transfer, economic and financial feasibility.

The authorities said the replacement of container terminals is not unprecedented but may require reclamation through reclamation. Compared with the original site extension scheme, it is believed that the economic and financial feasibility of the replacement scheme will be more complicated, including the cost of land reclamation , The long-term impact of relocation of terminals on the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s ports, etc.

There are currently some 100 hectares of logistical space outside the terminal area for a period of not more than seven years and the authorities are entitled to terminate the tenancy without compensation. However, since port logistic operations must be located near the container terminals, planning to relocate the piers should also take into account about 100 hectares of logistical land in addition to 279 hectares of land at Kwai Tsing Container Terminals.

Harbor full operation or Yan noise light damage

For the improvement of the land use for container terminals, different groups and individuals have made different proposals in the past. One of them is the “New Rose Garden" project proposed by the Non-profit Organizations to Unite Hong Kong Fund. The project includes the reclamation of about 2,200 hectares of artificial islands in the south of Cheung Chau to relocate the existing 940-hectare Kwai Chung Container Terminal, the former container port terminal, Land is used for the development of housing and mainly for subsidized housing.

Another suggestion was made by the former president of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Mr Chow Ming-ming, who proposed to use the upper and lower container terminals to build upper-level private and public housing units. The advantage is that quick success can be achieved without having to wait for years to reclaim, taking the current size of the terminal It is expected that the development will be equivalent to several Mei Foo New Estate. The authorities may consider direct railway construction and traffic problems.

With regard to the proposals, taking into account the opinions of members of the various land supply specialists, it is considered that the relocation of terminals is not feasible in the short term and the relocation of prime search sites will inevitably require reclamation of large scale, which may take as long as 20 years.

Relocation of Lantau in the suburbs with advantages

As for the proposed construction of the container terminal superstructure, it is more complicated than relocation of the terminal. Housing and terminal planning are two types of land use. The construction of the superstructure may involve rather high building development. The terminal operates on a 24-hour basis, Noise and light problems. A panel member said today that the government will be required to provide detailed information.

Jiang Zhiwei, chairman of Hong Kong Lok Ma Chau Hong Kong Cargo Association, believes that the removal of container terminals and the freeing up of land to develop housing are “acceptable." He pointed out that the port of Liverpool in the United Kingdom is also far away from the city. At present, Singapore is also moving in this direction. It is the general trend for Hong Kong’s Kwai Tsing Container Port to move to more remote areas.

In his opinion, Lantau can be considered as a destination for relocation. Cargo transport will be facilitated because there will be the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Highway in the area. As to the proposed relocation to Cheung Chau, he considered that the prerequisite was to build a cross-sea bridge to cope with the land transport needs of the freight transport industry and not to have the advantage of an existing transport network on Lantau.