Jiudu two mansion mining new design concept

Le Cap and La Vetta, adopting a new design concept and inviting internationally renowned designers.

Chung Chi-lin points out that Harmony is located at Khumbu, with triple landscapes including sea views, horse scenes and country park landscapes. Due to its strategic location, the Group also spares no efforts in running the project and put in a lot of effort and time.

Han Han beautiful scenery into the feelings of southern France

Leading the launch of Hannover by the end of this year, Pierre Yves Rochon, chief architect of the French Pavilion, is the first Rochon luxury project in Hong Kong, featuring Rochon’s design both inside and out, including architectural design, indoor Design, clubs and gardens, etc., is a rare project in Hong Kong by a designer responsible for the entire design. Households from the entrance gate, walked into the elevator lobby, into the house, bathroom and wardrobe, you can experience Rochon design.

Han sat on the views of Mount Pat Ridge in Tolo Harbor and reminded Rochon of his design of The Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat in the south of France. Therefore, Rochon integrated the Southern France feelings into the Han architecture and gardens, the architecture is inspired by Modern Art Deco, Europe in the 1930s.

As for 沄 沣 in the design will use another type of route, from a number of world-renowned designer, interior and exterior design, materials and landscape have a great breakthrough, set a new standard for luxury, in order to bring a new experience.

In addition to the design of the two mansion projects, they also pay attention to security. Chung Chi-lin said that developers have introduced a set of infrared testing security systems specifically for the project from the architectural design. Now they are used at the airports of South Korea and Israel. It is the first mansion project in Hong Kong use.