Central Plains business capital planning is still planning

Wing Tai (00369) just shot the capital strategy (00497), bidding URA Central commercial buildings and hotel land, is still in the planning stage.

Optimistic about the office market rent steady

Zhongzhi Lin, Executive Director and Sales and Marketing Director of Wing Tai Property Development, said the URA’s Graham Street C site, the office building is still in the planning stage and the hotel part was reserved for long-term rent collection.

He said that the office market must be optimistic about the supply of central core areas as little as possible, coupled with spicy strokes less impact on the market demand, the rent is expected to be stable upward. As for the chances of falling rents in shops, with the development of online shopping, shops should also cooperate with the transformation.

Over the past period, the Group has actively absorbed its land bank and is expected to grow enough for three to four years. It is proposed that the government should launch different types of land and push commercial land more than residential ones.