Xi Shenli Park Phase III occupancy rate reached 98%

Hysan Development (00014)’s Causeway Bay Lee Garden Phase III officially opened yesterday. Hysan’s chief operating officer, Lv Ganwei, said that the occupancy rate of office buildings and retail stores in the third phase of Lee Garden was 97% to 98%. The Group was satisfied with the performance. He also said that although the retail market is expected to have more unfavorable factors in the short term, it believes that the new project has innovative elements and the current tenant response is still active.

The third phase of Lee Garden was demolished and rebuilt by the old property. Lv Ganwei stated that he would continue to pay attention to the district and the property portfolio and whether the research would promote other asset enhancement plans.

Looking ahead to the retail market, Lv Ganwei said that the performance in the first half of the year was satisfactory, better than the same period last year, and it is expected to remain stable in the fourth quarter. He estimates that office and retail property rents will remain stable next year.

Li Xiao and his wife appeared in the same family for four generations

Li Xiaoyan and his wife Li Luyan, who had been passed down for a long time in the past 90 years, also attended the opening ceremony of the third phase of Lee Garden yesterday. During the period, they were helped by their families to take photos and stayed for about 20 minutes.

The four generations of the Lishi family attended the opening ceremony yesterday. In addition to Li Xiao and his wife, there were Hysan Chairman Li Yunlian, non-executive director Li Zihou and Li Rongjie.

Li Yunlian said in his speech that the Lishi family bought Liyuan Mountain 95 years ago and has been rooted in Causeway Bay for many years. The third phase of Lee Garden will provide a tasteful life experience.

Liyuan Phase III has 21 floors of work space, with a floor area of ​​about 380,000 square feet. Hysan revealed that there are already many multinational companies, including international banks.

In addition, the Dutch shared workspace Spaces also entered the new building as the flagship point, which covers more than 65,000 square feet.