TWELVE PEAKS screams 176,000 Challenge Asian record

The atmosphere of the property market has cooled down sharply, but the new market is still frequently seen in the big yard. TWELVE PEAKS, the super-house project of Shuangdi (00016), launched the highest-priced house number 1 for sale. The price list was 175,735 yuan per square meter, which challenged the high price of Asian houses.

TWELVE PEAKS No. 1 house will be tendered on a single day on Friday (16th). The practical area of ​​the bungalow is 4,661 square meters, 4 suites are separated, the garden has a private pool and jacuzzi, and there is an independent lift. The bungalow faces the Victoria Harbour and is adjacent. Other bungalows have a better view of Victoria Harbour. The price list issued by Xindi in 2014 shows that the price of the house is 819.1 million yuan, and the price of the house is 175.735 million yuan. It is the most expensive house in the project. The price of the house is a strong challenge to the price of the Asian house.

At present, the highest price of Asian houses is the No. 3, No. 28, Hill Road, Peak, and the market gambling king, Ho Hung-soo, Mr. He Chao-qiong or related parties. At the end of last year, nearly $900 million was purchased through the purchase of shells (equity transfer). 5579 Fang Hao, the price of up to 161,319 yuan.

Jiudian Cloud Duplex House 124 million transactions

Xindi, the same-speaking Shatian Jiutian Cloud, tenderly sold House Premier No. 11 house yesterday, with a saleable area of ​​2,905 square meters, with a transaction price of 1.24147895 billion yuan and a price of 42736 yuan.

Yijing’s Baishijiao Hairiwan Phase 1 in Tai Po, the first batch of 138 tenders was launched. It was closed last week. 21 of them were sold in the near future, including two bungalows. The saleable units sold 504 to 4241 square meters. The price is 9.613 million to 132 million yuan, and the price is 15923 to 32172 yuan. The cash is over 880 million yuan.