Beshawan Silver Main House 230 million  Low market price 40%

The property market has turned rapidly, and the silver master has also changed from the opening price to the big price. Originally owned by Chinese Huaxin or related persons, the Pokfulam Beshawan Phase 3 double house, which has been reduced to the silver main market, has initially sold for 380 million yuan. However, due to the lack of acceptance and collision, the market The house finally cut the price to only 232 million yuan at the end of last month, which is nearly 40% lower than the price of the same type in March this year.

As early as March of this year, China Huaxin was eager to sell a basket of properties in Hong Kong. The more expensive one was the above-mentioned Beshawan Phase 3 double house, with a saleable area of ​​3,996 square feet. According to market news, the unit eventually became the silver master, and the silver owner entrusted the agent to sell in August this year. At that time, the price was as high as 380 million yuan. However, the Land Registry indicated that the site was changed to 232 million yuan at the end of last month, which was 148 million yuan (about 39%) lower than the opening price, and the price was 58058 yuan.

The original owner, China Huaxin, was borrowed three times.

Looking up the number of transactions in the past year, the number of single-sale houses sold by the company’s equity transfer in March this year, the price is as high as about 380 million yuan, the practical area is 3,953 square meters, and the price is 96,130 yuan. The price of the main trading was about 39.6% lower.

According to the information, China Huaxin purchased the above-mentioned Beshawan Phase 3 Double House through Chinatown Social Welfare Co., Ltd. through RMB 199.8 million in 2011. It was borrowed three times during the period of stocking, including the credit to Lixingxing and the developed wife in early 2012. Contracted a loan of 120 million yuan and 20 million yuan, and then made a loan to the Bank of East Asia (00023) at the end of the year, but did not disclose the actual amount. This time, the Bank of East Asia eventually took out the unit as the banklord, and the property price appreciated for about 7 years. 32.2 million yuan (about 16.1%).

Dibo 13.58 million for sale Upstairs flat downstairs

In addition, small owners also follow the market to cut prices. Zheng Yun, director of the Lijiage Real Estate Division, said that the high-rise room E of the 3rd Block of the Dijiayue Olympic Station in the Tai Kok Tsui Olympic Station has a usable area of ​​597 square meters and a three-bedroom interval. The asking price is 14.5 million yuan, which is reduced by 920,000 yuan (about 6.3%). 13.58 million yuan was sold out, and the price was 22,747 yuan. The same room unit located on the lower 4th floor of the site has a cost of 15.3 million yuan in September this year. That is, the upper floor unit sold 1.72 million yuan (about 11.2%) lower than the downstairs. The original owner purchased the unit for 3.828 million yuan in 2002, and the book still earned 9.752 million yuan (about 2.5 times) after the price.