One hand, two days, only 23 units, one more per week

One hand, two days, only 23 units, one more per week

Large-scale projects in Kwun Tong were sold at a shocking price, freezing market funds. The first round of 27 sales was held on Saturday (8th) by the cooperation of Jiayuan International (02768) and the Shengyu Group. The Tuen Mun Mini Panjing, which is known as the “Dragon Bed", was only two groups on the first day. The worst-selling new market, sales are only 7.4%. In the past two days (8th and 9th), about 23 gangs were sold in the new market, compared with 22 cases recorded on the previous weekend (1st and 2nd).

Jingyu’s first day sales are the worst this year

Jingjing was sold as the first batch of units in the same district, with an average price of nearly 17,000 yuan.

Jingjing sold 27 groups in the first round on Saturday, but in the face of the large-scale new market in Kwun Tong, the low-priced debut came to the market. On that day, only two groups were two-bedroom households. Open-type and one-bedroom households were sold at zero. Love is more beautiful (00488), the first round of sales in the first round of September, the first round of sales is only worse than the 5th, which is the worst new sales on the first day of this year. Located in No. 2, Qingmian Trail, Tuen Mun, it offers 356 gangs with a usable area of ​​128 to 794 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of September next year.

In the past week, a total of about 23 transactions were recorded in the new session. The transaction volume was one more than the previous weekend. Among them, Jiujian (00034) has a better sales in Haitang Bay. The developer pointed out that in the past two days, the sales of large-scale properties in Kwun Tong have been boosted. The number of buildings in Hai’ao Bay has doubled. Yesterday, four people were sold. In the past two days, six people were sold and nearly 30 million yuan were cashed.

Yang Congyong, general manager of the sales and marketing department of Jiujian, said that Haiaowan will be employed next year, and the period of uncompleted flats has begun to be demolished. It is believed that it will attract users’ attention and expect future sales to grow steadily.

Xindi (00016) North Cape Haishu recorded another large-scale transaction. Yesterday, a 9-story A-room 4 bedroom unit was opened by tender. The practical area was 1585 square meters. The transaction price was 88.76 million yuan and the price was 56,000 yuan. Bai Weishan, led by New World (00017), sold three 30-story B rooms on Saturday for 23.332 million yuan. The practical area is 615 square meters, and the price is 37,932 yuan.

Other properties such as Hengdi (00012) Yuen Long Shang Yue. Ling, Wheelock Properties Tseung Kwan O MONTEREY and Yijing Tai Po Pak Shek Kok Hoi Wan Wan also recorded transactions ranging from one to three.