Retail sales rebound

The retail market has picked up. The desire to expand the rental of fashion shops has greatly increased. There have also been many rental cases for different fashion brands in the market in recent months, with a focus on livelihood shops.

Among them, Shop No. 1 on the ground floor of Parkland Commercial Building, Nos. 2-8 Parkes Street, Jordan, covers an area of ​​approximately 300 square feet. In recent months, the monthly price of the boutique has been RMB 34,000 per month, and the lease rate is RMB 113. Ketong is a fashion store. The old rent is 30,000 yuan per month and the new rent is about 13% higher than the old rent.

560 Cheung Sha Wan Road shop floor monthly rent 45,000

Shop No. 3, G/F, King Fai House, 1 to 31 King Fai Path, Yuen Long, an area of ​​approximately 210 square feet. Previously, it was rented by a fashion store. The monthly rent was $29,000 and the average rental was about $138. The new rent was higher than that of the previous tenant. 11.5%.

Clothing Wholesale Office Sham Shui Po, Cheung Sha Wan Road, also leased from the Fashion Shop, G/F, 235B Cheung Sha Wan Road, about 560 square feet, renewed by the fashion shop at a monthly rental of $45,000, with an average rent of $80, but the new rent is older It fell by about 25%.

On the other hand, before the expiry of the lease term, the chain-fair boutiques also renewed the lease of Shop B, G/F, Pok-Ho House, No. 36-44 Po Sheung Street, Tai Po, with an area of ​​approximately 1,000 square feet and a new rent of RMB 76,000 per month.呎 Lease rent is 76 yuan, and the new rent increases by about 7.3%.

Xu Shanli, a director of Hong Kong’s Mong Kok shop, said that in the past, large and small fashion stores were located in various districts and street stores, but later they were hit by online shopping and a number of international cheap fashion brands entered the Hong Kong market. This has led to a significant decrease in the number of fashion shops in recent years. However, with the increasing number of chain stores, clothing styles are also very similar, so that some unique and trendy fashion outlets broke out and were sought after by consumers.

Many people in Hong Kong have entrepreneurial ideas, and the retail industry is relatively easy to get started. The opening of shops in the people’s livelihood area is suitable for entrepreneurs as “storage customers," and rents are also relatively low. Most of them are based on puerile and profit-making strategies. In general trends, shop owners can also use online advertising to attract target consumers to shop in stores, or use them as online shopping pick-up points.