Zhongwei Jingwei Square sells 30,000 torn tops

Many commercial buildings were broken. The middle and high-level units in Jingwei Square in Central were sold at about RMB 30,000 per square foot, setting a new record for property prices.

According to market sources, the middle and upper floors of Jingwei Plaza in Central have an area of about 4,398 square feet, with a turnover of 311 million yuan, and a price of about 30,000 yuan, setting a new high for the price of the building. According to the news, the new buyer is Mr. Chen Wenhui, Chairman of Star Real Estate (01560) or related parties.

Another investor sold 14 floors of units in Mongkok Centre and recently recorded four transactions, including 1,423 rooms, with an area of about 652 square feet, which was sold for about RMB 19.95 million. The discount price was about RMB 30,000, and 4 units involved a total of nearly RMB 60 million. .

Ma Tau Wai Road Shop 11.3 million change hands

Fine-grained berths were sold at the ground floor of No. 80, Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom, about 200 sq. ft., sold for approximately $11.3 million, and priced at approximately $56,500. The shop is currently rented at the search and exchange shop for a monthly rental of $35,000. The rate is about 3.7%. The original owner was Li Genxing, a business owner of Shenghui. He purchased it with 8.46 million yuan at the end of last year and reaped profits of about 2.84 million yuan.