Far East Development Building full floor selling price 20,000 for sale

The middle floor of the Far East Development Building in Central is currently selling at a price of 20,000 yuan, which is lower than the price of the A-shabu in the district and is likely to attract capital.

More than 7,000 floor plans to 146 million

Hong Kong Island has a few commercial buildings and is most popular in full-floor units. Mai Chih-hui, a business associate of Midland Commercial Assistant, said that the middle-level floor of the Far East Development Building at Des Voeux Road, Central, has an area of approximately 7,303 square feet. It is currently trading at an intention price of 146 million yuan, and the discount price is approximately 20,000 yuan.

The property in the Panpan Property is furnished with office decoration, with a regular interval and high utility rate. The buyers can also rent out the rooms in small portions. At present, the half floor is leased by the accountants and the other half is sold in the form of Kyrgyzstan. The property is directly opposite to the Central Centre and can use pedestrian bridges to travel to and from international financial centres and exchange squares.

For the performance of property sales, we can refer to the high-level households in the previous year, with an area of 1,023 square feet, which was rented out at a cost of 43 yuan per square foot, involving a rent of 43,989 yuan. As for the last transaction, it will be traced back to June last year, with 6 rooms on the middle floor of the building, with an area of 897 square feet, a total of 13 million yuan, and a price of 14,994 yuan.