Two floors totaling more than 5600 to 69 million

As the Ginza-style commercial buildings in Tsim Sha Tsui continue to grow, the demand for the well-known Ginza-style commercial buildings continues to rise. With the potential for appreciation of the animal industry to be superior, the return is satisfactory, and it is therefore well-received by the market.

Intentional price 12200 yuan

Recently, some owners have spotted the market conditions and commissioned Zhongyuan (Trade Shop) to exclusively sell the entire floor of the 6th and 8th floors of Jiafu Center in Tsim Sha Tsui. The project has an intention price of over 69 million yuan.

According to Huang Xiaodan, Senior Sales Director of the Office of the Central Plains (Commercial and Commercial Office), the exclusive sales agency is the entire 6th and 8th floors of Jiafu Center, each with an area of ​​approximately 2,832 sq.ft., with a target price of approximately RMB 12,200. About 69 million yuan.

The property will be changed hands in the form of Kyrgyzstan, while the property can be layered and sold independently. The two-storey properties are all on the market for leasing, with an average lease rate of 28 yuan. Based on the current rental level, new buyers will be able to enjoy a return of approximately 3%. It is understood that the owner bought the property in 2012 at a price of about RMB10,204.

However, it is the second time that the property is a Kyrgyzstan-based unit. Buyers can use their own funds or investments, and they can flexibly meet the needs of buyers. They believe that they will attract different investors and industries to come and negotiate purchases and to negotiate a lease. It is expected that the property will be leased in the short term.