Conference and Exhibition Office Building

The Xiamen Hazao commercial building lease was relocated. According to market sources, the office building of the Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Plaza was a high-rise, full-floor building with an area of 16,541 square feet. It had just been rented at a monthly rent of 1.24 million yuan, and the rent was about 74 yuan, which was an ideal rental level. According to statistics, the floor of the building was rented by the fund company for a monthly rent of about RMB 910,000 several years ago. The new rent was 35% higher than the old rent.

Secondly, on the 19th floor of No.1 Kenli Street in Central, it has an area of approximately 3,173 square feet. It has just been rented at a monthly rent of RMB 250,000 and a lease of RMB 79, which is an ideal price level.