Hong Kong port soared 21% Asia’s most epicenter

Hong Kong residential property prices rose, the car more difficult. According to the report, residential property prices in Hong Kong surged more than 20% in the second quarter of this year. The gains were the highest in Asia and the second in the world. According to the latest poll, most of the respondents said Hong Kong people think that property prices are too high. They are going to raise their rents by 10 to 10 percent from $ 50 million to $ 10 million.

Housing prices in Hong Kong are on the rise.

The second quarter of the “Global Property Index" published by Laurent, tracking 55 markets worldwide, averaged 5.6% year-on-year, down from 6.5% in the previous quarter, with 49 market prices, Quarter flat or recorded growth.

Spicy stir fry effect is not

The report also pointed to the continued lead in residential property prices in Hong Kong and Iceland, with property prices up 21.1% year-on-year, representing an increase of 6.7 percentage points from 14.4% in the previous year. The latter also increased from 17.8% to 23.2%. On the other hand, the average increase in property prices in the Mainland market was slightly reduced to 9.6%.

The market also polls reflect the public on the property market. The REA Group’s GoHome.com.hk conducted a questionnaire survey on the prospects for the Hong Kong real estate market in the second half of the year, with 2,993 members of the public. As many as 91% of the respondents considered the property prices to be two percentage points higher than the first half of the survey. The property market, introduced by the Government in the past five years, has failed to effectively curtail property prices.

Agree to “rely on the father" on the train

Second-hand disk shortage, the public began to raise the market budget. REA Group (Hong Kong) Integrated Marketing Marketing Director Lu Guowei said that buyers interested in buying property prices of RMB150 million to 10 million increased to 36%, a significant increase of 13 percentage points from 23% in the second half of last year. There are still more than half of the respondents, the target purchase of 5 million yuan or less in the price units, accounting for 58%.

“Buy the house by the father" has long been the property market, he said, the survey found that 72% of respondents agree that the father is the fastest and most effective young people on the train method. However, 63% mainly rely on their own savings and investment in the purchase, the remaining 37% to pay the first phase to accept family support, which more 2% rely entirely on family payments to pay the first phase.

The Financial Secretary, Mr Timothy Chan, pointed out in June this year that the property market in Hong Kong is now in danger and vulnerable to external factors. He has recently warned that Bloomberg has warned that potential buyers are careful to buy their homes in the world’s most expensive real estate market, as the Federal Reserve will reduce the money supply.

In recent years, the Government has repeatedly introduced property market control measures, intended to suppress property prices. But the Chinese University Liu ZuoDe, director of the Institute of Global Economic and Financial Research Zhuang Tai believes that the biggest side effect is to make the owners will not easily put the disk, locked the market disk source, so in favor of canceling hot strokes.

Real estate sector increased by 5%

City University, Department of Building Science and Technology senior lecturer Pan Yongxiang believes that the stability of the property market is not simply by the supply should be, there is a floor to sell, because the supply is lagging behind, can not respond to demand in a timely manner. If the property market falls in the future, the supply will still be “stopped" when the property prices fall, which will result in a slowdown in property prices. This will cause many owners to become negative assets.

The Hong Kong government recently raised its annual economic growth forecast to 3 to 4% this year, expected to buy a large capacity to support the building. It is expected that by the end of the year, the overall property price will rise by 5% and the annual increase will be about 15% to 20%.

He also pointed out that the large estates, such as the first city of Sha Tin, the Tai Koo Shing Quarry Bay and the South Bay of Hong Kong Island, have recorded a 12 to 17% increase in property prices this year, up from 33% 42%.