Million Thai foot price of 5506 yuan won the Tai Po Kau land price rose two percent

[Friday] received 12 tenders on the Tai Po Kau Yat Road luxury mansion, by the “Tian Shao" Tianbei Jun Wan Tai defeated 11 consortium to 323 million yuan to vote in order to build the floor An area of ​​59,000 square feet, the price of 5506 yuan per square foot floor price. Although the floor price per foot is below the market expectations, it is still 21% higher than the 4551 yuan per square foot of land on the adjacent land which Wan Tai last year.

Investment of 1 billion to build low-density luxury

The site area is about 82,453 square feet and can be built in 58,665 square feet. Maintenance. (0033), Yuanda (0035), Hong A real estate (1243), etc., but there are also the interior of the leading Vanke Overseas (1036), the Hong Kong developers, And the winner of the company, the director of the company for the Tianbei Jun Tian Huanghua and his daughter Tian Qian, the two are members of the Wan Tai Group, the price of 323 million yuan, the building can be built 58,665 square feet, each square foot Floor price of 5506 yuan, the market expectations for the lower limit.

Wan Tai on the last vote in July last year, to 1.182 billion yuan to vote in Tai Po Road Tai Po Kau section of Tai Po City Lot No. 230 residential land, that is, just cast the land adjacent to each square Land price of 4551 yuan. In other words, although the floor price per foot floor is below the market expectations, it is still 21% higher than the same area last year, while the Wan Tai Group has spent more than $ 1.5 billion a year on two flats.

More than 1.5 billion a year to seize the two corpses

Wan Tai Group, general manager of Zhou said that the investment is the land investment of about 10 billion yuan, will build low – density luxury, but the final implementation of whether the full construction of houses. He also said that last year’s investment in Tai Po Kau residential land and the land was similar to the two projects together to develop a total of more than 30 square feet, will produce synergies. For the recent developers to resell the vote of the official land, Zhou Guofu admitted that no consideration for the sale of land, because the Group has been actively increasing land reserves.

The land is irregular and difficult to tailor the bid

Knight Frank Senior Director and Director of Valuation and Consulting Lin Haowen said that the price of the land is lower than expected, and it is believed that the development is difficult with the land, but not the same price turned down, the future price will be polarized, Was rushed high, and the quality of the land price will return to normal levels. This is undoubtedly a good thing for small and medium-sized developers in Hong Kong, which will help increase the chance of absorbing land for development.