Global property prices rose by 21% in second place

The local property prices rose 23.2% in the past year, although it was second only to the world, but still second only to Scandinavian Iceland.

Iceland property prices rose 23% year on year

The surveyor, Knight Frank, released the second quarter of 2017, the global property price index, which tracks the general residential market performance in 55 markets around the world, including 11 cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

As of June this year, the overall index rose 5.6% on average, down 0.9 percentage points from 6.5% in the previous quarter.

In the past three months, Iceland’s year-on-year increase in property prices rose from 17.8% to 23.2%, while Hong Kong’s property prices rose from 14.4% to 21.1%, while Hong Kong’s residential property prices continued to lead. Ranked second, is still the most dramatic increase in Asia, the city. As for the third for the Malta, up 14.6% year on year.

Mainland average edged down slightly to 9.6%

The average increase in property prices in mainland China fell slightly to 9.6%. The report pointed out that although the central government tried to curb speculative demand and control the inflation through the property market, developers were still raising their sales targets this year.

The United States should not raise interest rates again after the end of this year, although the supply of housing in Hong Kong will increase, but the supply is difficult to launch in the short term, and residential demand is still strong, I believe that the expected housing in Hong Kong Property prices will rise by 10 to 13% throughout the year.

In addition, Nicholas Holt, head of R & D Asia Pacific Research, said property prices in the Asia-Pacific region were significantly different from the five-year increase in property prices for the second quarter of 2012 to the second quarter of 2012, with property prices up 69.7 %, Contrary to Singapore by the property market cooling measures, its property prices fell 5.6%.