The top floor of Junao Bay is 7.35 million square meters

The top floor of Junao Bay is 7.35 million square meters.

The property market rebounded recently, but failed to stabilize investor confidence. In Tseung Kwan O, there is an investor who pursues profit-taking first. He does not hesitate to cut the price of the top-level unit held by hand to $7.35 million. The property price has been flattened by similar tiered units six months ago and has created a low of one year.

Lin Zhijian, the manager of Midland Realty, pointed out that the G room on the top floor of Block 3 of Jun Aowan has a saleable area of ​​453 square feet. The two houses are separated by the original owner. The original owner originally held the rent collection. In view of the end of the lease last December, plus the “Qing Qing property market" The company sold the unit at 8.1 million yuan, which coincided with the recent bidding for the purchaser. The decrease was 750,000 yuan (about 9.3%) and the price was 16225 yuan. The original owner entered the market with a price of 2.504 million yuan in 2007, and the book still appreciated by 4.846 million yuan (about 1.9 times).

Yun Taoju three rooms 6.9 million years and a half minimum

According to the Central Plains real estate information, in addition to the internal transfer, Junaowan recorded a total of 9 two-bedroom units with a saleable area of ​​450 square meters. The total cost was higher than 7.35 million yuan, of which a middle-level G room of the same area. Although it is a tiered unit, it was still sold at 8.26 million yuan in June last year, reflecting that the above-mentioned top-level unit cost was even higher than the middle-level flat selling of 910,000 yuan (about 11%).

In addition, the cost of the three-bedroom property of the Tsuen Wan Yun Tao home fell to more than a year and a half. Lu Zonglin, senior district sales manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that Yuntao is located in the high-rise 9th floor of Block C. The utility area is 555 square meters. The interval between the three rooms is reduced by 900,000 yuan (about 11.5%). After the price is 6.9 million yuan, the price is 12432. Yuan, which is the lowest price of the same area unit after March 2017. The original owner bought in 1.7 million yuan in 1999, and the book profit was 4.2 million yuan (about 1.6 times).