15.15 million change hands

He Wentian had a low-rise B room, 681 square meters, and two rooms were separated, with a turnover of 15.15 million, and the price was 22,247 yuan

It is understood that the original owner purchased in 2016 with about 13.44 million, earning 1.71 million on the book, an appreciation of about 13%. However, the original owner of the mainland, when entering the market may have to pay 30% spicy tax, so the resale has the opportunity to eclipse.

Li Jiahong, manager of Lijiage, said that the middle floor of Room 2, Wanchai, Wanchai, is about 443 square meters

It is 1 room interval, with 14 million transactions, and the price is about 31,603 yuan. It is reported that the original owner bought at about 9.408 million in December 2013, and the book profit was about 4.592 million, earning about 49%. At present, there are about 70 flats in the housing estates with a asking price of $9 million.

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