Anderson’s first place to use the next year

Anderson’s first place to use the next year

The first floor of the Kwun Tong Anderson Road, which was originally scheduled to be launched last year, will be postponed to the next year. It will be built to nearly 1.1 million square feet and will provide 1,700 battalions. Nearly 60% of the units will be below the market price in the first set. The sale will affect the valuation of the land.

Next to Anda Village, originally planned to push at the end of last year

The Kwun Tong Anderson Road Quarry, which has been discontinued and restored, will be transformed into a residential community. According to the past planning, the Government originally intended to use 80% of the flats for private use. The remaining ones were used for subsidised housing. However, with the new housing policy being tilted to public housing, the Government has gradually allocated private land for public housing in the district.

Therefore, there is only one land on the ground floor of Anderson Road, which is adjacent to the Anda Village. It was originally planned to be launched at the end of last year, but the government wants to observe the first first car-mounted project and the city. The bureau’s Ma Tau Wai has been reluctant to sell, so it has postponed the push time and is now expected to be launched in the second half of 2019-20.

Providing 1700 gangs for 1,000 homes

The site is located in the southeast of the entire quarry, adjacent to Anda Village. It can build nearly 1.1 million square feet of floor space, and can build 1,700 people. Among them, 1,000 will be used for the first car, and the remaining 700 will be private buildings. development of.

The site will be tendered by the developer for bidding and will be responsible for the construction and sale. The first placement unit is sold to some sandwich families whose income exceeds the income ceiling of the HOS. The market price is 62% to 72%.

At the beginning of last year, Huasheng won the only private land in the district. At that time, the land price was 3,112.8 million yuan, and the land value of the building was about 1.25 million square meters. The land price per floor was about 12,000 yuan.

Therefore, the current market valuation of this first site is about 13.18 billion to 15.38 billion yuan, and the floor price is 12,000 yuan to 14,000 yuan. However, due to the first floor land lease limit and the addition of nearly 60%, Below the market price, the developer will reflect these effects on the bids for investment. Therefore, it is believed that the land price valuation may be significantly reduced when the land sales regulations are actually announced.