Chuanghui Plaza sold out within 10 days. Lin Zifeng made a profit of 430 million a year

Chuanghui Plaza sold out within 10 days. Lin Zifeng made a profit of 430 million a year.

Xiaoyangchun appeared in the real estate market. In addition to residential properties, the new construction of the industrial building also opened. Senior investor Lin Zifeng dismantled the Kwun Tong Industrial Park Chuanghui Plaza, which was sold for less than 10 days. The whole building has been fully cleared, cashing 1.38 billion yuan, and the holdings are only over one year, that is, the profit is 430 million yuan, and the appreciation is over 45. %.

Liu Zhongxing, regional business director of the Central Plains (Industry and Commerce) Industrial and Commercial Department, said that since the launch of the market on the 1st of this month, the 43-45 Junye Street has been quickly cleared and cashed 1.38 billion yuan. At the beginning of last year, Lin Zifeng invested 950 million yuan to buy in New World (00017). He has successfully cleared up and earned about 430 million yuan, an appreciation of 45.3%.

Bank of America Center unit intention price exceeds 120 million

The project has a 13-storey building with a factory and 168 units. Each unit has built-in toilets and split-type air-conditioners. The transaction involves at least 5 floors for full-floor trading. The proportion of investment among buyers is 60%, and the other 40% is for self-use. The largest buyer of the plate purchased the land factory and the 16th floor, with a total transaction price of 132.23 million yuan.

Midland Business Assistant Business Director Zhong Yujian said that the owner has commissioned the sale of Room 6 to 9 on the 6th floor of the Bank of America Center in Central. The construction area is about 3110 square meters, and the intention price is about 40,000 yuan, that is, the intention price is about 124.4 million yuan.