Sunrise Kangcheng 11th this month, the intention is to involve 1850 people

Sunrise Kangcheng 11th this month, the intention is to involve 1850 people.

Although the supply of private residential land has decreased, MTR (00066) is still on hand to launch the property development project. The 11th phase of Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cancun will be launched this month. It is expected to provide up to 1850 gangs and become 1 in 2015. The third phase of Sunrise City (now LP6) approved in the month provided 2,392 new MTR property development projects in the district.

The MTR plans to launch three property development projects this year. The 11th phase of the sunrise in the financial year will provide a maximum of 1850 gangs. The rest will be launched in the next financial year. The 12th phase of the sunrise can also be built. In the fourth phase of the 1850 gang, the Aberdeen Wong Chuk Hang Station Property Development Project (hereinafter referred to as the Wong Chuk Hang Station Project) will provide about 800 battalions and a total of about 4聽500 projects in three projects. The MTR Property Director, Mr Tang Chi-fai, pointed out that the 11th to the 13th phases of the Lok Yuen Estate in Lai Kung Estate were not launched. They were not “specially recommended” but the orderly response to the progress of the roads related to the sunrise and the market. The capacity launch, such as the 11th and 12th phases, is subject to the progress of the 7th project approved in June 2015, and it is expected that the 11th issue will be launched in the short term.

Kangcheng has been supplying the most in 4 years

The MTR pointed out that there are three buildings in the 11th and 12th phases of Lokko, and the 11th phase of the blue sky is the first to be launched. The total floor area is about 950,000 square meters. The 12th phase facing the sea view is slightly After the debut. Deng Zhihui said that in the 11th phase of the car factory’s superstructure, the relevant piling works have been completed during the construction of the depot. The successful bidding consortium can carry out the superstructure project after completing the approval of the plan and the construction period is short. According to industry estimates, the amount of land premium for the 11th phase of Sunrise Kangcheng is about 2.66 billion to 2.85 billion yuan, and the land premium for each floor is about 2800 to 3,000 yuan.

Sunrise Kangcheng was occupied by the first phase of the capital about 10 years ago. The residents of the district have been eager to complete the mall as soon as possible.

Development or construction of 14,000 people in Siu Ho Wan

Deng Zhihui pointed out that the mall is expected to be fully opened in the second half of 2020. It is expected that the introduction of merchants and layout design will respond to the demands of the region. The MTR will also set up a large-scale ice rink in the mall for ice fancy performances. And ice hockey and other uses.

Deng Zhihui revealed that some large tenants have signed contract pre-leasing and officially announced the naming and rental information of the mall in the near future.

In recent years, the MTR has developed housing through various methods. The larger ones include the Lantau Island Siu Ho Wan Integrated Development Project, which is expected to provide about 14,000 people. It is learnt that the current number of flats in Siu Ho Wan is estimated only on the basis of private residential flats. If public and private developments are concerned, the final flats may be provided more.

Mr Tang reiterated that he is discussing with the Government the most suitable development programme in Siu Ho Wan. The MTR is also conducting research on the development of some railway facilities for property development to help increase the supply of housing.