Home Ownership Garden 3 Rooms Green Table 7.1 million Hands

Home Ownership Garden 3 Rooms Green Table 7.1 million Hands

The price of private buildings has rebounded, and the price of the second market has benefited at the same time. The 3 bedroom households in San Po Kong Cai Garden have just closed at a high price of 7.1 million yuan.

with a land price of 5.95 million for sale

According to the news, there are 11 high-rise J rooms in Caiyuan Garden, with a practical area of ​​587 square feet, and 3 rooms with suites separated by 7.1 million yuan (not replenished land price). The property price has returned to the high level in August last year, with an average price of 12,095 yuan. .

The original owner purchased the unit for 4.138 million yuan in 2014, and the value of the goods increased by 70% in 5 years. Along with the above transactions, the picking of the estates for the first time in the year was also the first time that the price of the flats in this year was raised to $7 million.

As for the land price of the HOS market, the Tseung Kwan O Yu Ming Court home ownership 2 flats, the property price is approaching $6 million. There are 6 rooms on the upper floor of Block C of the Housing Estate. The saleable area is 435 square feet. The transaction price is 5.95 million yuan and the price is 13,678 yuan. It is a record high in the estate. In 2012, the original owner purchased the unit at a land price of 2.62 million yuan. The goods were held for 7 years and the book value was increased by 1.3 times.

Funing Free Market Price 12345

In fact, the price of private housing in Tseung Kwan O District is almost over $6 million this month. Therefore, it is necessary to switch to a multi-storey mortgage purchaser. In addition to Yu Ming Court, the middle floor of Room 5, Fu Ning Garden, has a usable area of ​​452 square feet, with a price of 5.58 million yuan (with land price), and the price is 12,345 yuan. The original owner in 2014 was sold for 3.28 million yuan (with land price), holding goods for 5 years, and the book value increased by 70%.