Bank valuation rises to promote second-hand property prices

Bank valuation rises to promote second-hand property prices

Whether the second-hand Xiaoyangchun can be further deepened requires different elements to cooperate. For example, new sales, bank valuations, etc. Bank valuations began to increase significantly. In the first city of Shatian, which had insufficient valuation, the latest estimate of the 2-bedroom unit was 6.24 million yuan, up 10% month-on-month and weighing 6 million yuan.

One city 2 room valuation rose by 10% per month

There have been many second-hand transactions in the past week, and there have been undervaluation. However, according to the latest valuation data, some banks have significantly increased their unit valuations in response to market conditions. The newspaper checked 20 car-units in the housing estates, and the most obvious increase was in the second home of Shatian. Among them, 45 high-rise G rooms, covering an area of ​​304 square feet, were estimated at 5.65 million yuan in early February, according to the HSBC online system. It shows that the latest estimate of 6.24 million yuan, a monthly increase of 10%, and return to the property price level in July last year, from September last year, the high estimate of 6.53 million yuan, about 4% lower.

In fact, last week, a 2-bedroom apartment in the first city of Shatian was sold for 5.78 million yuan. At that time, the estimate was only 5.18 million yuan. The bank has raised the unit’s valuation to 5.5 million yuan, up 6% per week. The situation is also in the trend of bank valuation in recent years, and the valuation is raised by the week.

The price of the survey was on a monthly basis, and the valuation of 20 housing estates ranged from 0.5% to 10.5%. The other indicator is on the Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei, the car housing estate. The middle-floor 2-bedroom household is estimated to be 5.11 million yuan, up 6% month-on-month.

Since the second-hand transaction price has rebounded at a faster rate in the past two weeks, the bank also needs to follow the market conditions and substantially increase the valuation before it can capture Xiaoyangchun and strive for more mortgage business. In addition, the bank has raised its valuation significantly, even ahead of current property prices. For example, this year’s property prices have not risen above 5 million yuan in Shatian Riverside Garden, a river view high-rise household with an area of ​​242 square feet, the latest estimate of 5.35 million yuan, The price of 22,000 yuan also means optimism about the market outlook, which is one of the driving forces for the rebound of second-hand property prices.