Purchasing power continued to release

Purchasing power continued to release

Purchasing power continued to be released. The volume of the 10 largest housing estates was 20 or more in two consecutive weekends, the first time in more than four years. The trading of the Central Price Housing Estate has been prosperous. The Mei Fung Estate in Lai Chi Kiu has recorded five transactions in the past two days. The quality of the “Concave” is $ 19.38 million. The new disk sales are ideal, and the second-hand trading is expected to remain buoyant.

According to the information of Centaline Property, 20 transactions were recorded in 10 major housing estates in the past weekend, with 3 cases being reduced by week and no transactions were recorded in 3 housing estates. Looking up the record, the top 10 housing estates last recorded for more than 20 consecutive weeks or more in two consecutive weeks, recorded in January 2015, January 24-25, and January 31-February 1, 22 and 20 transactions were recorded on two weekends. At that time, the European Central Bank pushed a large amount of money, and more than 1,000 people in the Dongyong East Ring within three weeks, driving the second-hand market atmosphere.

As for the United States, about 14 cases were recorded, one less per week. Li Jiage real estate recorded 12 cases, 9 times less by week. There are 12 records in Hong Kong property listings, one per week (the statistics of the four major agents are slightly different).

Accounted for 17 transactions

In the past weekend, except for the 1 case of Tseung Kwan O Metro City and the 2 records of Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai, the remaining 17 transactions were recorded in the Central Price Estates, accounting for 80% of the total. The transaction was the most recorded in Meifu New Village, which was the most popular weekend after April last year. Some frontline agents pointed out that almost every frontline colleague needs to go out to take the guesthouse, and the atmosphere of the tower is not bad.

Another Mei Foo New Village also recorded a high-quality “recessed sea” household transaction. It was the lower floor A of No. 78 Broadway Street with a saleable area of ​​1,327 square feet. It looked outside the park and offered a price of $20.5 million. It was released for several days at 19.38 million yuan. The price is 14,604 yuan. The original owner entered the market with a price of 7.13 million yuan in 2009, and the book appreciated by 1.7 times. At present, there are 17 transactions in the housing estate, which is close to 20 in February.

As for the leading Taikoo City recorded 2 transactions, including the Yishan Pavilion middle floor G room, 3 bedroom units, an area of ​​685 square feet, with a price of 12.8 million yuan. Looking up the record, in February, the F room of the middle level of Toyama Court, with an area of ​​684 square feet, the same direction, with a price of 11.8 million yuan, that is, one month apart, the same household to the unit sold for 1 million yuan, an increase of 8%. The Kang Yi Garden in Quarry Bay recorded 4 transactions in the past weekend. It was concentrated in 2 flats and the price was 18,000 yuan.

One City Zero Deal Jiahu

On the other hand, the price of the car was slower, and the first city in Sha Tin was not recorded. As for the 2nd floor of the Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei, including the 6th floor of the Jinghuju, the practical area is 442 square feet. In the first month of the family building, it was temporarily reversed or closed by the owner several times, and finally it was put into the market with a price of 5.1 million yuan, and the price of the two-bedroom house was further increased by 5 million yuan.

The trading volume of the 10 major housing estates was rampant at a high level for two consecutive weeks. Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Zhongyuan Real Estate Asia Pacific, believes that buyers are confident that they will enter the market and are willing to enter the market. The price of the boarding house is reduced. It is expected that buyers will need time to digest the price of the owner. It is expected that the atmosphere will drive the atmosphere of the property market, and second-hand trading can be seen.

Secondly, Bu Shaoming, the chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, said that the first batch of 246 people in Hung Hom Kai Siu was sold out on the same day. Some buyers also entered the second-hand market. In the case of Xiao Yang Chun in the property market, there was a chance to challenge the 10 large housing estates in March. More than 300 levels were in January last year.