The new “earnings wave" broke out earlier in the new trading

The new “earnings wave" broke out earlier in the new trading. The new land (016), which was the most frequently picked up in the form of tenders last month, finally changed. It was re-loaded yesterday to sell the “luxury" Haitang sales arrangement in North Point. The unit sold in the form was sold as a price list; Chang Shi (1113) Zhao Guoxiong said in response to the tender, “The first thing is to call a luxury home, everyone knows it." Self-discipline is the most appropriate method for the market. Reporter: Huang Langqi

Recently, developers have been bidding for sale in the past. From the past, luxury homes or specialty households have become the middle and low-priced buildings. They have also been sold in the form of tenders. This has led to the lack of transparency in the public criticism of the Government and even violations of the first-hand case. The biggest cause of the “tendering storm" is Xindi. The North Point Haiyan has always been mainly selling goods by tender. Yesterday, the five units that were originally sold by tender were sold as price lists. It seems to be intentionally compromised.

The latest sales arrangement shows that rooms A, B, C, D and F on the 19th floor of Haishu 5A will be sold on the market (April 21) in the form of a price list, of which the price of room A to D is about 2 From % to 5%, the largest unit of increase is 19th floor, Room A, with a saleable area of ​​364 square meters. The latest price is 198.21 million yuan, and the price is 54,429 yuan, which is about 5% higher than the price of August 1818. The rest of the units are priced at RMB 16.86 million to RMB 29,818,000, and the saleable area is from RMB 378 to RMB 524. The price is RMB 44,485 to RMB 56,332, an increase of 2% to 3.5%.

Zhao Guoxiong: Supporting the guidelines of the Chamber of Commerce

The above five groups have announced the price list from July to August last year. The sales arrangement was uploaded on March 25 this year and was sold by tender. The bidding date is from 2 pm to 2 pm on the 29th to June 30th of last month. At 5 o’clock, until the latest sales in yesterday, it was sold in the form of a bill.

The Lands Association has issued guidelines on the tender for sale and requires developers to “self-discipline". Cheung Kwok-hung, Executive Director of Cheung Ching, said at the event that the sale of flats in the form of tenders was abused. “There is a luxury house in the first place. Everyone knows how to do it." Self-discipline is a suitable approach to the market. The Group will 100% support the guidelines of the Chamber of Commerce. Enhance market transparency and hope that experts can follow up as much as possible. He stressed that the company’s Sham Shui Po Estate sells “absolutely high transparency".

Regal. Mountain peak price is high

The high-priced transaction in the luxury house, Palibao (617) Shatian Jiufu Regal. In the form of tenders, Hawthorn has drawn out three 11-storey characteristic households with a saleable area of ​​2,659 square meters. The transaction price is about 111.7 million yuan, and the price is 42,009 yuan, creating a new high price for the property of Shatian Jiuwei. Wheelock (020) Tuen Mun NAPA connected three bungalows, the transaction price of 2,557 to 36.148 million. In addition, Henderson Land (012) Cheung Sha Wan family members pushed 30 groups yesterday and pulled out 7 groups.

The new disk receipts responded satisfactorily. Yijing Baishijiao Hairiwan II was the first to push 295 people. The project received two votes. As of last night, more than 600 were collected and the excess was over one time. New World (017) and Henderson Land (012) co-developed He Wentian Yu Hua uploaded the building book yesterday. The project provides 240 units, with a saleable area ranging from 204 to 526 square meters, covering open, one-bedroom and two-bedroom households. It is expected to start selling at a short time.