More than 10,000 rents are stationed in Kai Tak Jia Hui.

More than 10,000 rents are stationed in Kai Tak Jia Hui.

The Kai Tak Development Zone has successively entered into new entrants, one of which is Jiahui. The project will not only enjoy the traffic of the MTR Kai Tak Station in the future, but also set up an aviation theme club to echo the old airport site where the estate is located. As there are many new units in the surrounding area for rent, Jiahui’s entrance fee is appropriate, just over 10,000 yuan to live in the new building and the club.

Text: Karena Photography: Cui Junliang, Karena

Kwaihui, developed by K. Wah, is located at 7 Mu Ning Street, Kai Tak. It consists of four 34-storey buildings and four high-rise buildings with a total of 900 flats. Starting from approximately 20,000 Hong Kong dollars. As Kai Tak District has several new entrants in the near future, the supply of rentals has increased significantly, which has lowered the rent of new flats in the district. Jiahui’s one-bedroom unit rent is about HK$14,000, and the utility rent is about HK$40. It is a one-bedroom apartment in the same district in the same month. The rent is about HK$39. Near the 15-year-old Aoyun Peak in the old district of To Kwa Wan, the rent is also close to HK$40. By contrast, the new Panjiahui, which has the potential for development of Kai Tak, is undoubtedly more “rental”.

Provide one to four bedroom units

There are 4 high-rise residential buildings with 6 or 7 gangs on each floor. There are 2 penthouses on the top floor. There are 6-8 gangs on each floor. The top floor also has 1 or 2 gangs with roof and aerial platform features. The standard unit has a usable area of ​​325 to 964 square feet and is available in one to four bedroom spaces. Most units have a 22 to 25 square foot terrace with a height between the layers of 2.65 to 3.75 meters. The project has 265 households with a utility area of ​​325 to 372 square feet. The two-bedroom units have 404 people with a saleable area of ​​430 to 515 square feet. The three-bedroom households have 190 people with a usable area of ​​605 to 1832 square feet. 41 gang, practical area 948 to 2193 square feet. The duplex unit on the top of the high seat has a usable area of ​​1,835 to 2,193 square feet and an external 360 to 632 square foot platform. The lower-floor top-of-the-line unit features a usable area of ​​1216 to 2061 square feet, an exterior 512 to 1652 square foot platform, and a roof that can be accessed from the built-in stairs by 1281 to 1960 square feet.

Clubhouse, a paradise

The estate has a clubhouse, Club Inspiration, with an indoor area of ​​over 20,000 square feet and an additional 27,000 square feet of garden. The club introduces the concept of Co-working life, with an area called “Co-working Lifestyle", which is planned to be a flexible space for residents to communicate. A number of aviation art pieces made of aircraft components are placed in the shared area to echo the important position of the old Kai Tak Airport in the hearts of the people of Hong Kong. The clubhouse also has an outdoor swimming pool, a children’s pool, and a gymnasium of approximately 4,000 square feet. The hall is divided into different sports areas, including weight training area, cardio training area, bodybuilding area and yoga world. It also has a series of fitness equipment and equipment. complete. For children, the “Children’s World" area is also 4,000 square feet. It has BB Park, Trolltech Tree House, Green Space, Performance Room and Aircraft Theme Park. It is available for children, children and teenagers. Suitable for your own play and reading space, it is quite attractive to family guests. There is also a multi-purpose ballroom for private parties.

Reporter’s test: 12 minutes walk to the neighboring village mall

The project is located in the Kai Tak Development Area and is surrounded by a new disk. It is adjacent to projects such as Kai Tak No. 1 and Long Yu. There are two bus routes to Mu Ning Street in the estate. They will go to Kowloon City and Tai Kok Tsui. After the MTR Kai Tak Station is open to traffic, it will take about 5 minutes to get to Exit A of the station. Traffic will be more convenient. . As Kai Tak is still under development, the living facilities around the project have not been perfected. The nearest shopping mall is going to the adjacent Qiqing Village sunny shopping mall. The reporter walks at a speed of average and takes about 12 minutes to arrive. There is a supermarket in the estate. And various types of people’s livelihood shops. If you walk about 10 minutes to San Po Kong, you can reach the Mikiki Shopping Centre, a landmark shopping mall in the area, where you will find many restaurants and shops. Before the unfinished development in Kai Tak, a large area of ​​construction site is under construction, and noise and dust will be a consideration for those interested in renting the area.