New disk rushing to attract customers

After a new round of digestion, the speed of pick-up began to slow down. However, the negative news of the development of the business did not affect the premise of the market, and the property prices were still high to absorb the purchasing power; but a large number of new orders emerged, coupled with the thin unit price led the decline. The sales of fine households are being tested.

According to the first-hand transaction record, a total of 28 new discs were sold for 11,454 in the first nine months of this year, and 6,946 people were sold, accounting for about 60%. However, the volume of first-hand trading in the first half of this month was about 760, which was about 1,320 compared with the same period of last month, which was more than 40%. It can be seen that after the peak of the third quarter of this year, the new market absorbed a lot of purchasing power and sales began to slow down.

Negative news, developers are speeding up sales

However, a number of negative factors have flooded the market. Hong Kong has started a rate hike cycle since the end of September. According to the US interest rate record released recently, the chances of raising interest rates in December are high, and it is expected to increase by two or three times next year. In Hong Kong, the industry generally expects to raise interest rates by 0.125% in December. Next year, there will be a good chance to follow the pace of the United States. It is estimated that the real interest rate will rise by about 3 to 3.5% next year. In addition, the economic impact of the Sino-US trade war is expected to emerge gradually next year.