Tuen Mun’s fine residential area is currently closed for valuation of 71.07 million

The small residential area in Fuheng Village, Tuen Mun, has been closed for 10,000 square feet, and the market valuation is 55.88 million to 71.07 million. Due to the small amount of capital involved, the industry is expected to attract small and medium-sized consortia. The bidding was not affected by the flow of the hilltop mansion.

The floor can be built only about 10,000 baht

The Tuen Mun Blue Land residential area is adjacent to Yu Fung Garden, with a site area of ​​18,815 square feet and a maximum floor area of ​​approximately 10,160 square feet. It is the finest residential land for the fiscal year. The terms of sale indicate that the site building cannot be higher than 6 floors. And to lay public roads and supporting facilities, maintenance and return to the government.

The peak of the luxury residential area has been closed for the past few days. However, the secondary land is suitable for the development of low-density stratified small and medium-sized flats. The surveyors have not lowered the value of the land due to the flow label. Due to the remote location of the land and the general transportation facilities, the comprehensive valuation is at 55.88 million. To 71.07 million yuan, the floor price is 5,500 yuan to 6,995 yuan. It is estimated that the price will be about 13,000 yuan after the completion of the project.

In the current fiscal year, the Government pushed the land to a large and medium-sized land. For the last small-scale site of the Tsing Yi Heng Mei Street residential site in April this year, Lin Haowen, Executive Director and Valuation and Consulting Department of Knight Frank, referred to the land and the hilltop mansion. The land belongs to two types of markets, and the amount of funds involved is relatively suitable for small and medium-sized developers to enter the standard.