Yuen Long Lang Cheng Hui original price plus 144

The new market continued to be bustling. Huayuan’s Yuanlang Longchenghui, the original price of yesterday, pushed 144 units, and the one-bedroom unit had a real price of 5.123 million yuan.

Langchenghui announced the price list No. 2 yesterday, involving 144 people in the first and third blocks, with a total value of about 1.4 billion yuan. The developer followed the first price list discount, up to 15%, the discounted price ranged from 5.123 million to 128.88 million yuan, and the discounted price ranged from 14,208 yuan to 18,411 yuan, tentatively scheduled for sale next Friday (26th). The news means that the project has more than 1,200 invoices, which is three times more than the 288 teams.

Wu Chongwu, director of sales of Huaying Group, stressed that the second batch still maintains restraint and pushes forward. If the market responds well, it will increase the price when the third batch of units is pushed. It is estimated that there will be 5% price increase. For the simultaneous launch of several new discs, he emphasized that different projects have their own customers, each with their own visitors.

In addition, the Central Plains mortgage provides a low interest rate of 2.375%, a rebate of up to 2%, and a 6 million mortgage downstairs up to 80%. The Meridian provides 80% of the mortgage for the 6 million yuan downstairs unit, which is as low as P minus 3%.

Shang Yue. Ridge fastest next Thursday offer

Hengdi (00012) is the same area Shangyue. Ling, will join the battle group in the short term. According to market news, the project will be uploaded to the building early next week, and the price level will be announced as soon as next Thursday. The data shows that the project has a total of 504 gangs, the most detailed unit is 174 square feet, which is mainly used for passengers.