52% off house temporary receipt table 265,000 excess 59 times

52% of the 4,431 home units were reopened before the application deadline, without mailing and some green forms, the latest received a total of 265,000 applications, temporarily over 59 times.

As for the White House II project which has been smashed in the past, the HD will issue a letter of approval to 2,500 successful applicants today to apply for a certificate of eligibility for purchase. In the next year, the non- premium unit will be purchased in the second-hand market.

Baiju 2500, the successful bidder

The response to the HOS was very enthusiastic. In response to the Government’s reduction of the HOS from a market price of 30% to 52%, two applications were launched in the same year. The Housing Department said that during the application period in October, the Lok Fu Housing Authority Customer Center received a total of 113,000 application forms. Together with the applications received in April, a total of 152,000 applications were received. In total, a total of 265,000 homes were received for this period.

The HD refers to the green form to be verified by the estate office. The mailing application has not been fully received. The latest figures do not reflect the final number of applications. However, the HD also received 3,600 exit forms to cancel the first round of HOS applications submitted in April this year.

The current homestays are located at Kai Tak Court, Cheung Sha Wan, Cheung Sha Wan and Tai Chung Yu Tai Court. It is expected that the next month will be determined by the applicants. The final application will be announced and the building will be selected in February next year.

In addition, the Housing Authority has also completed the detailed qualification review of the current White House 2 winners.

Eligible successful applicants, including 2,250 family applications and 250 one-person applications, will be issued 2 approval letters from now on, one for the Housing Authority’s HOS Secondary Market and the other for the HS Housing The relevant units of the second market of the sale plan.

The holder of the approval letter can apply for a Certificate of Eligibility to the Housing Authority and the Housing Authority within 2 weeks from the date of issue of the letter to facilitate the second quarter of the HOS Secondary Market or the Residential Sale Scheme in the next 12 months. Second, the market purchases the units that have not paid the premium, and each purchase qualification certificate charges 770 yuan.

In addition, the HS launched a plan to subsidize the sale of housing for renting berths last month, but the response was average. Only 1 application was submitted for the 13,000 eligible units. The HS intends to review it earlier.

Subsale Bedroom only 7 applications

The HS now has a questionnaire on the Internet to collect opinions and study how to increase the attractiveness. One of the directions is to allow the whole property to be rented out. As regards the policy address, similar units can try to convert elderly flats into small houses and buy and sell flats in the secondary market.

The HS’s eligible units range from 1,500 to 1,600, covering owners who are 60 years old and have two or three-bedroom units with 10 years of title. It is expected to be launched next year.

Huang Jielong, the chief executive of the HS, said that the elders’ flats still need to be discussed with the government, including discussing the trading period of large units and small units; they should be allowed to buy or sell first or buy first. Although the government suggested selling and buying first, he questioned how to deal with the situation where the owner sold the building and could not find the appropriate fine unit. As for the first sale and then the sale, the owner had the opportunity to hold two units at the same time and bear too much debt.