Park Plaza assault offer 1 room 4.05 million admission Hu Xi II is expected to open four-room leader

The new disk battle continued, as the new (0016) West Kowloon West Station, Nanchang, Huaxi II, North Point, Sea Tower two new high-profile market debut, some small new assault; New World (0017) unit 123 total number of units The price of the first batch of 52 flats was 12,236 yuan, a discount of about 8% over the newest second-hand flats in the district. The admission fee for 1-room flats was about 4.05 million Yuan from.

Ming Pao reporter Lin Shangmin, Xie Yingyi

The first solicitation of Pai Yip entitlements is 52 units, priced at an average of HK $ 15,490 ($ 14,000 to $ 18,900), after deducting a maximum of 21% discount (including 3% for 120 days, 3% for “NewWorld CLUB" Membership discount, 15% stamp duty tax concessions), averaging 12,236 yuan (11,000-15,000 yuan) in real terms, about 11,300 more than the same transaction volume of Hung Shui Wai and Lin in Hung Shui Kiu, about 3 to 4 years old. Yuan, about 8% high.

This is the first unit to be devalued, comprising 6 pcs of 283 to 362 sq ft 1-bedroom units, 23 pcs of usable 411 to 471 sq ft 2-bedroom units, 23 pcs of usable 585-684 sq ft 3-bedroom units, and a discount of $ 404.9 million To 8.93 million yuan, of which the most expensive unit is the second floor, Room 2, Room C6, is a practical 304 square feet with 123 square feet rooftop 1 bedroom with special features, a discount of 4.56 million yuan, a discount of 15,000 yuan foot, The new low-density housing estates in 1 district have a new high standard. Developers are expected to upload sales arrangements in the days and the exhibition hall in Discovery Park in Tsuen Wan will be opened on Thursday for sale next week.

Thunder: Sea Xuan will announce the tender arrangements

As for the two new properties in the market, the Group’s deputy managing director, Thunder said that the first batch of Huayi II offers during the day will include the first three units of four-bedroom units and open units, while the fifth four-bedroom units It will be reluctant to sell, the first batch of units may not be provided, with the Department of sea Xuan is preparing the project bidding, expected to be announced within the tender arrangements.

Chen Hailin, general manager of Shinland, added that later on, Xi Xi II will also open up demonstration units for open-door households. After the offer, the Group will open its demonstration units to the public.

Marlboro Road, Hengda bookstore upstairs next week

Another constant to open (a) General Manager Linda Tam said that the Group’s North Point Mapo Road project, the fastest book upstairs next week, the project will be the main type of small units; the above three new Maveroo boutique residential, is expected to be completed in 2020, Foundation works are under way. As with the “The H Collection" series, the total number of project units is about 300 units, with a usable area of ​​more than 200 square feet and a maximum of 2-bedroom units of about 300 square feet.

Hengdian Fanling golf • Royal Court renewal price list, of which 19 3-room and 4-room unit price increase of 3% to 5%, plus six push this Saturday.