Huiyi II Suite Bathroom “Organized"

SHKP (0016) Nam Cheong Station, Huiyi II Following the recent opening of a practical 1509 sq ft 4-room large demonstration unit to the media, another open standard building demonstration unit was opened to media coverage yesterday. Relevant units will use Block 3A, Block 38, Modeled on the practical area of ​​1320 square feet, is a 4-room double sets of even the workplace and the toilet interval.

The most eye-catching design of the unit is that one of the suites has multiple doors in the bathroom, and the tenants are free to convert into guest toilets or toilets. For example, tenants can walk through the first corridor along the unit’s corridor to reach the bathroom’s toilet And washbasin. In addition, another dark door in the center of the bathroom separates the lavatory area from the shower area for wet and dry separation, while the shower area has another washbasin and shower. In the meantime, there is another wooden door in the bathroom leading to the sleeping room, which can be turned into an en suite bathroom by closing the door to the living room.

Free to change guest toilet or toilet

Hsin-Yi Chen, general manager of the Acting General Manager, said the above-mentioned design is to take note of the guests needs, and this design changes, but also make the bathroom more uses. As for the above units, the salable area is 1254 to 1320 square feet, accounting for 7.4% of the total number of 1188 units.