Will be wide 11.55 million sell estate history high

Second-hand property prices continued to high, private buildings, HOSTS record topped turnover. Tseung Kwan O even recorded two high-priced transactions, Hong Kong home assistant district director Liu Haoqin said Tseung Kwan O Plaza, a very high-level 739 square feet of G Room, is a three-bedroom apartment, newly rented 11.5 million yuan, , The unit is equivalent to real feet 15,562 yuan; the original owner March 2007 to 3.75 million yuan purchase units, book sales 7.75 million yuan, the unit doubled the value of 10 years.

Tianyi IIIA 3 room Indian loose sales of 16.32 million

Tseung Kwan O same district Phase IIIA period, there are 3 units of the transaction price, the price of fare to create a new unit of similar units record high; the unit is 3A high-rise building B, practical 856 square feet, to sell 16320000 yuan , Real feet 19,065 yuan; the original owner in September 2014 to 11,136,000 yuan a unit to buy units, 3-year imposition of tax SSD loosened after the release plate, book earned 5.184 million yuan or 47%.

In addition, the first-tier city of Shatin, 2-bedroom standard households for the first time to break 5 million yuan, the unit is 8 high-level practical 327 square feet C room, the original owner bidding price of 5.2 million four months ago, after the bargain to 506 million yuan sell real Which was a new high of similar standard households in estates. The original owner purchased units for 3.66 million yuan in July 2014, and the 3-year SSD sales were sold out at a maturity of $ 1.37 million or 37%.

One city 2 room top 5060000 turnover

Another Yuen Long Cypress 9 Middle H Room, is a practical 272 square feet open family, sold for 4.17 million yuan, real foot 15,331 yuan, a standard housing estates new high foot price. It is learned that the original owner bought the unit with 2.61 million yuan in 2013, holding the goods for 4 years and earning a profit of 1.56 million yuan and making a profit of nearly 60%.

Fang Jihe, Associate Regional Manager at APL, said that there are 5 middle-floor F rooms in Tung Chung Lite, a 591 sq ft utility room occupancy of 1 bedroom, with 6.8 million sq ft and a real size of 11,506 sq ft. Unit new high, the transaction price is a record high of 1 room in Tung Chung; the original owner in December 2013 4.9 million single-hand buy units, book sales earned 1.9 million or 39%.

Hoi Fu Court 2 room green table price 10,600 feet

Green Form HOS flats also continued to be sought-after, with 2 bedrooms at Hoi Fu Court in Mong Kok and a record high at Green House table at Ft. According to market sources, the above Haining Club high-rise 8 rooms, practical 426 square feet, by the civil service Green Table guest 4.55 million yuan to undertake, real feet 10,681 yuan; the original owner in 2000 to 1.03 million yuan (not land premium) to buy, hold goods About 17 years, book 3.52 million yuan or 3.4 times.

In addition, the Land Registry showed that a private car park in Kingswood Villas was sold for 1.25 million yuan. The original owner bought for 5.55 million yuan in 2014 with a gross profit of 695,000 yuan or 1.2 times. It created a new high price for estate parking spaces .