Chua’s family denounced 720 million purchase happy building

To Kwa Wan industrial buildings, in recent years, the more eye-catching deal for the Happy Mansion, by the Xinhua Group Cai family members to purchase 718 million yuan block, price 3,314 yuan.

Belonging to the old industrial buildings of the new Pier Street, 3 to 5, Happy House, the ground floor for car showrooms or garage and other purposes, covering nearly 20,000 square feet, the whole building a total area of ​​about 217,000 square feet this year by the Xinhua Group Chua’s family spent 718 million yuan to buy, traded at about 3,314 yuan per square foot, immediately after the completion of the transaction to apply for the rezoning of commercial buildings.

Constant King Pavilion basement shop was procured

At present, the industrial buildings in the area are currently trading at a price of about $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 per square foot, including one flat at Feida Business Center, covering an area of ​​4,674 square feet. Last month, the trading price was $ 20.9 million and the price was 4,472 yuan per square foot. The middle unit of Block B, Mei Wah Industrial Center, was sold for $ 5.3 million last month, based on an area of ​​1,238 square feet at a price of about $ 4,281.

In addition, there were not many commercial projects in the district and the market transactions were relatively active. The basement of the Heng King Court of Wai Hang Cheong Village Cecilia was linked up with the carparks in the whole lottery. Earlier, an order of about $ 1.8 billion was procured to the end.

A total area of ​​about 83,800 square feet is located at Hang King Court, 92-192 Meik King Street. At present, it mainly leases to restaurants, supermarkets and restaurants along with 150 car parking spaces. The total monthly rental income is about $ 3.35 million. It was announced that it was agreed to purchase at a price of $ 1.8 billion at a price of about $ 21,500 and a rental return of about 2.2%. The original owner for investors Zhu Hongjun and related parties.

Depending on the flow of people in the lot, the value is quite different. For example, a 1,500 square foot ground floor shop on the ground floor of 163 Ma Tau Wai Road was sold for $ 11 million last month at a transaction price of about $ 7,333. Shop No. 205, Ground Floor, Wing Kwong Street, Area 1, area of ​​1,000 sq.ft., sold for 42.1 million sq.m., at a price of about 42,000 sq.m.