Tofu flower shop war, monthly rent 110,000 for hernia

In order to suffocate, the two stores doubled the roof and rented it. Among them, the rent of “Yayu Tofu Flower" reached 100,000 yuan, and the owner of the “Zanhe Soybean" shop sold the shop last year at a price of 30 million yuan and a five-year appreciation of nearly 50%.

I can’t think of a bowl of tofu that is only a dessert after dinner. I can play a price reduction war, or even a price war, and then reduce the price. This time, the two protagonists: “Zanhe Soybean" and “Yayu Tofu Flower" have stood for Lu Dewei this food street for more than five years. The war between the two sides has been burning and has never been extinguished. It was pointed out that Yayu first rented a 5B shop, but praised and soon rented the 5A shop next to it, and blatantly hit the table to sell the beancurd. The two stores have reduced the tofu flower to 5 yuan a bowl. When Ayu once used the killer, bought the tofu flower and sent it to the clam cake or the glutinous rice cake, and the praise was not to be outdone. From last week, the price of the tofu flower was reduced from 5 yuan to 2 yuan (the same as 2 yuan for the takeaway). ! In order to fight, Ayu reduced the price of tofu from 5 yuan to 3 yuan a bowl (takeaway box to receive 4 yuan), but the price of the food is still too expensive and 50%, and the takeout is more expensive. Under the battle of the two shops, they have successfully attracted a large number of diners to visit, and long-term long queues outside the door.

In addition to the big price, the two stores also opened their doors early. The reporter went straight to the scene a few days ago and found that Yayu had already started business at 10 o’clock in the morning. The Zanhe next to him was also rushing to work. After about 20 minutes, he also opened the door to do business. Because of the relatively flat relationship of 2 yuan, Renlong is mainly concentrated in Zanhe, seeing the scene, most of the queues are neighborhoods, 80% are elders, there is a OL bought 22 bowls of tofu flowers for sale, and more on-site IG Story to put on the Internet Like.

By the time of lunch, the number of people was soaring. The number of people in the two shops was more than 40. However, there were more students and young people waiting in line for the more expensive Yayu Tofu. Hey, it’s enough to scent!" Lin, who has been studying in the district since primary school, revealed that from the sixth grade to the present four, he has helped the yaw tofu flower: “I used to eat the five mosquito bowls before, and I will send them." The clam cake is now reduced to 3 mosquitoes, and the taste is changing!"

Why do the two sides not hesitate to pay the price? There is a real estate agent in the district that is “a suffocating". Some brokers said: “Zanhe and Yayu have a deep complaint. The “Tiger Hall" wanted to rent the shop where Yayu was located, but Yayu insisted on continuing to do business. In order to fight the praise, the rent was increased from 80,000 to 10.8. Ten thousand yuan also continued to rent." As for the 5A shop in Zanhe, the rent as of June 2017 was 60,000 yuan. The owner had planned to release it for 30 million yuan, but the idea of ​​selling was cancelled after the renewal.

Yayu boss: 3 yuan is the limit

The newspaper found Mr. Qiu, the boss of Yayu, to say that he has said that the price reduction war has been maintained for five years: “Before selling 5 yuan, there is a profit, and now the new products are being promoted, the profits will be reduced, and the sale of 3 yuan will earn more!" He pointed out that even if the praises next to it were reduced, Ayu would not reduce it again, because the bowl of 3 yuan is already the limit. He admits that the three mosquitoes of tofu are only for publicity, and the Tsuen Wan store has to pay for the profits of other shops.

The owners of the two tofu flower shops have no property at hand, and they are densely lined up to attract people. They are surrounded by Wangludewei, benefiting from the owners of two shops, and Zhehe is located at Shop 5A, Changtai Building, Zhaoxing Road, and the transaction price in early 2011. For the 13.5 million yuan, the 5B shop where Ayu is located was located in June 2013 and the transaction price was 27.18 million yuan.