Hui Yunfeng’s price of 23,900 changed hands

The recent luxury residential transaction continues. Century 21 Beishan sales director Yan Zhiji said that North Point Huiyun Feng High-rise Room A, with an area of ​​744 square feet, was accepted by the exchange building for 17.8 million yuan, and the price was 23925 yuan, a market price level. The original owner was purchased in March 2013 for a consideration of 12.8 million yuan. He held the goods for about 5 years, and his book profited 5 million yuan, up about 39%.

Zhang Yansheng, marketing manager of Lijiage branch, said that the double-family house at Haishu Trail in the Garden of California, Yuen Long, has an area of ​​1201 square feet. It changed hands at 13.9 million yuan and the price was about 11,574 yuan. The original owner bought in about RMB 4.05 million in November 2001 and held the goods for about 16 years. The profit on the books was about 9.85 million yuan, and the appreciation was over 2.4 times. At present, the number of housing estates is about 30, and admission fees are about 11 million yuan.

Feng Lin Court with 13.8 million parking spaces

According to Liang Chengjiang, division manager of Lijiage, the lower floor of Room 2 at Fenglin Pavilion in Mid-levels, North Point, covers an area of ​​approximately 728 square feet and looks out to the mountain. With 13.8 million yuan in price, the parking space is changed to approximately 18,956 yuan. In July 2010, the original owner bought the unit for about 7 million yuan, holding the goods for about 8 years, and the book’s profit was about 6.8 million yuan, an appreciation of about 97%.

Liu Junjie, the joint director of the Central Plains’s deputy region, said that the middle level D room of the 2 Heavenly Paradise Park at Beacon Hill Road, with an area of ​​821 square feet and a view from Wangnei Street, was sold for 13.3 million yuan, and the price was 16,200 yuan. The original owner had purchased it for 6 million yuan in August 2007. He had held more than 10 and a half years of goods, and had made a profit of 7.3 million yuan, an increase of 1.2 times.

Cai Yulun, senior branch manager of Central Plains, said that in Room A, 12 high-rises at Saixihu Building in Mid-Levels, North Point, with an area of ​​1,297 square feet and a back-to-back sea surface, the unit will be rented out at 62,800 yuan, equivalent to a rent of 48.4 yuan. In 1978, the landlord bought the unit for 422,000 yuan, with a return of 178%.