Zhongyuan: MALIBU accounted for 50% of investment

Wheelock Real Estate Tseung Kwan O, Tseung Kwan O, Cannes Lohas MALIBU sold 250 people in a second round yesterday. Wong Kwan Yee, a managing director of Wheelock Estate, revealed that 50 people have been selected in the first half hour and they have confidence in the sales situation. In the short term, the unit will be pushed back again and it is expected that there will be an increase of about 5 to 8%.

Mr. Bush Shaoming, chief executive officer of Midland Property Residential, said that according to the bank’s customers, the attendance rate was about 90%. Among them, several groups of buyers were interested in purchasing 2 teams. It is expected that the amount of funds involved in each group will be approximately 16 million to 17 million yuan. With regard to tourists, 60% of visitors are from the Kowloon area, and about 20% are from Hong Kong Island and the New Territories. Among them, 70% are users and 30% are investors. The young passengers account for about 60%, and most of them need parental support.

Jiahui featured 11.6 million people

Chen Yongjie, vice president and president of the residential sector of Centaline Real Estate Asia Pacific, said that the bank’s attendance rate reached 70% to 80%. Compared with the previous day, the bank’s attendance rate was slightly reduced by 10% due to overlapping registrations. The day before yesterday, the bank recorded a group of customers buying nearly RMB 40 million for three-bedroom, three-bedroom units. Yesterday, more than a dozen groups of customers planned to purchase nearly two million units of three-bedroom flats. Chen Yongjie continued that the public investment property rental offsets inflation, and the proportion of MALIBU long-term investors has reached 50%. According to market news, the second round of 250 groups also cleared.

Kowloon Pangye (0034) Pokfulam, 63 Pokfulam, Pok Fu Lam Road, West Island, Hong Kong, has sold 6% since the end of last month. The sales continued to be booming. According to market news, five groups were sold yesterday, with a saleable area ranging from 263 to 305 square feet. About 7.456 million to 8.951 million yuan, the developer cashed more than 41 million yuan a single day. No major sweeps have been seen for the time being, but everything is based on the primary sales network.

Kia Wah International (0173)’s Kai Tak Kay Hui successfully sold a low-rise 7-seat 1st floor C-room platform featured household, with a practical 446-square-meter (another 64-square-inch), equivalent to a total of 26,000 yuan. .