Money to the World: Osaka’s Second-hand Houses Found in Tokyo 3.68 million

There are mixed property prices in different parts of Japan. Prices in the second-hand and first-hand markets are mixed, and property prices in the capital Tokyo are much higher than those in other local cities. However, the increase in property prices is still difficult to compare with Hong Kong.

The Japanese building is much cheaper than the Hong Kong building. In recent years, it has attracted more people from Hong Kong.

Take the example of a new disk in sales in Osaka, which is located near Osaka Castle and has a unit area of ​​593 to 1,075 sq. ft., offering one to three-bedroom flats, priced from 42 million yen to 110 million yen (approximately 3.1 million to 8.14 million Hong Kong dollars). , The price is between HK$5,227 and HK$7,572. A second-hand listing of Shinsaibashi in Osaka, which is approximately 14 years old, covers an area of ​​228 square feet and is open-spaced. It sells for approximately 13.5 million yen (approximately HK$9.98 million), and the discount price is approximately HK$4,377. Compared with Hong Kong, Japan’s property prices are a lot cheaper.

Japan’s economic situation

Some properties receive Bitcoins

As for the property market in Tokyo, the second-hand market, an open-plan unit in Harajuku, was completed in ○ five years ago, with an area of ​​approximately 411 square feet, priced at approximately 49.8 million yen (approximately HK$3.68 million), and the discount price was approximately HK$8,953. In addition, the virtual currency boom has swept Japan, and some of the properties can be paid in bitcoin. One of them is located in Shinjuku, a 14-year-old flat with an area of ​​about 1,076 square feet and a three-bedroom space. It is currently sold for 145 million yen (approximately HK$11 million). For sale, the counterfeit price is about HK$10,223. Buyers can also choose to pay in bitcoin. With the recent bitcoin price, buyers have to pay about 128 bitcoins.