The top ten housing estates are only 7 in the weekend

In the past two weekend weekends, due to the sale of new discs in Tseung Kwan O, some second-hand purchase power was frozen. As a result, the top ten housing estates recorded only 7 transactions, down 12.5% ​​from the same period last week. Among them, two deals were completed in Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Lai Chi Kok and the performance was better.

Xinducheng Yingwan Park zero deal

The trading of the top ten housing estates slowed slightly. Central Plains pointed out that four batches of these estates had entered zero transactions in the past two days, including Tseung Kwan O New Capital City and Tung Chung Ying Wan Park. After the Budget, developers actively promoted the market and successfully seized market purchasing power. Second-hand trading is inevitably affected. It is estimated that the property market will dominate this month.

Mei Foo House Fantasia 7.8 million change hands

During the period, Meifu Xincun recorded the transaction. The bank’s Huang Huixia said that the number of buildings in the housing estate has soared by 20% in the most recent week and 15 transactions have been recorded in this month. The newly sold eight-storey Broadway Street No. 96, Room B, has a saleable area of ​​633 square feet, a transaction price of 7.8 million yuan, and a practical price of 12,322 yuan. The original owner hosted more than seven years and the book profited 4.3 million yuan.

On Hong Kong Island, U.S. Wu Rongji said that in Quarry Bay, Taichung City, Nanhai Tower, the middle floor of Room E, with a saleable area of ​​approximately 488 square feet, was sold for a total lease price of 9.7 million yuan, and the practical price was approximately 19,877 yuan.

Li Jiage Ding Peihong said that Quarry Bay Kornhill Garden has recorded about 6 transactions in this month under the buyer’s “Retreat Afterwards." The newly-occupied housing estate, Block A, has 11 floors and a saleable area of ​​about 502 sq ft. 8.1 million yuan was purchased, and the practical price was about 16,295 yuan.

Many housing estates in Kowloon recorded only one sale on Saturday and Sunday. Li Yuan Zhong of Central Plains stated that the number of recently completed buildings in Hung Hom Whampoa Estate in Hung Ho