Kai Tak 9 residential property valuation of nearly 400 million

In the next financial year, there are nine landside residential sites on the Kai Tak parking apron. Each site has the potential to become a “billion-plus-to-one billion” site. It is the largest site in Area 4A, which is expected to become the first land price in history to exceed RMB 20 billion. Of the residential land, and the total of the nine sites could be worth more than RMB 135 billion.

In the Kai Tak apron residential area, the site has become a “billion land king.”

The price of the front row can reach 20,000

According to Zhang Xiaochu, deputy managing director of Valuation International Asia Valuation and Advisory Services, no matter whether on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon or the New Territories, there is no place like the apron of the Kai Tak Development Area and it is located in the second commercial core area. Range, and close to the cruise terminal.

He pointed out that the residential land in the west of Xinghua Street in Cheung Sha Wan was worth more than 17,000 yuan per square foot last year. It is believed that in the above nine residential sites, the price of the land in the front row could reach 20,000 yuan or more.

Eight of the residential sites in Kai Tak are sold on the land surface. Among them, site No. 2 in Area 4A covers an area of ​​more than 196,900 square feet. It is the largest site in the area to be sold in the area, with a plot ratio of 6.1 times. With more than 1,210,600 square meters of floor space, the market expects the floor price of each floor to be as high as 20,000 yuan.

Super King of 24 billion

Based on the above-mentioned land prices, the site is estimated to be worth about RMB 24.03 billion. It will have the opportunity to surpass the residential land price record of RMB 17.288 billion held by residential buildings in the west of Xinghua Street in Cheung Sha Wan and become the most expensive residential land in Hong Kong’s land sales history. Old records are nearly 40% higher.

9 Kai Tak residential sites in the land sales plan for the next year

As for the additional Kai Tak residential site, site No. 4B, No. 4 and an area of ​​more than 104,300 square feet, with a floor space of more than 573,900 sq. ft., due to its location in the back row, the floor price is expected to be approximately 18,000 Yuan. Yuan, with an estimated value of approximately RMB 10.33 billion. Zhang Qiao Chu believes that each batch of residential lands is expected to become a billion landlord, not just a rise in land prices, but a direct reflection of corticosteroids.

In all of the nine apron residential sites mentioned above, a total of more than 6.747 million square metres of floor space can be built. The floor price will vary according to the location of the front row or rear row, and the total land value is expected to exceed RMB 135 billion.