Kerry Lung Cheung Road to build top luxury property market prices challenged 100,000 people Kowloon King Building

The luxury homes with more than RMB 100,000 are no longer a fantasy, Kerry (0683) plans to launch a new project in Beacon Hill Lung Cheung Road, which will be sold in the fourth quarter. It will be built as a landmark residence in Kowloon; Kerry Development Executive Director Zhu Yepei will receive an exclusive interview , The Group’s bungalows at No. 1 Ede Road, Kowloon Tong, were sold at a price of RMB 82,000 in early 2015, creating the highest price for Kowloon-style housing estates. Property prices have continued to rise in the past three years, and the prices must be high; In fact, the industry estimates that Kerry’s brand new Lung Cheung Road luxury homes, with individual bungalows, can effectively challenge 100,000 yuan, or aspire to the Kowloon King Building.

Ming Pao reporter Lin Kewei, photography Su Zhixin

The land at which the aforementioned Lung Cheung Road Mansion was located (in the future, or as the house number of the Dragon Drive Road) was Kerry’s spending of RMB 2.34 billion in February 2015. The price of each building was RMB 20,534, which was the king of Kowloon at the time. The project has provided 45 teams and is currently applying for pre-sale of uncompleted units, of which 26 are stratified units with a total area of ​​approximately 1,750 to 2,600 square feet (double occupancy); 19 houses with focus of the project, and 14 front-row houses with a practical area of ​​approx. 3000 square meters, another 5 large-scale garden villas with more than 5,000 to 7,000 square feet of usable area.

Zhu Yepei: Deploying the Fourth Floor of the House to Sell

Zhu said that the Long Cheung Road project is expected to be approved for occupation in the third quarter as soon as possible. Satisfaction papers will be approved from the fourth quarter to the beginning of next year and will be sold by approaching the current building at the end of the year. Hong Kong will benefit from the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau. The two major concepts of the bridge, I believe that the proportion of mainland visitors will account for one-third of the proportion of buyers.

Wharf (0004) Kowloon New Diwang, a joint venture between Lung Cheung Road and Lions Tunnels Road, which was awarded at the beginning of this year for $12.45 billion. The “flour price” is RMB 28,500 per square meter, which is estimated by the industry as the construction cost and interest rate. Expenses, I believe that the total cost of each side of the total cost of nearly 40,000 yuan, so that the market is more concerned about Kerry’s offer price. Although Zhu Yepei responded that it was too early to talk about the specific pricing of the Long Cheung Road project, he stressed that the same house sold on the 3rd year of the Yichang Road No. 1 house with a saleable area of ​​4,412 sq ft was worth RMB 8.2 million. Ten thousand yuan; the average unit real estate of the same housing estate is 38,000 yuan, which has risen in the overall property market in the past three years. In addition, the Longxiang Road project is located in the mid-level, and the price must not be lower than Yide Road.

The proportion of domestic visitors is one-third

The industry estimates that the Kerry Lung Cheung Road project will be staged in the form of a near-premises building. In addition, the developer will have a brand-name effect and it is estimated that the project stratum households will start at a price of 50,000 yuan, that is, a stratified household admission fee of approximately 90 million yuan. The prices of individual bungalows have effectively challenged 100,000 yuan. If they are successfully sold at this price, they will become a new high for housing estates in Kowloon. As for the current highest house price record for Hong Kong estate-style houses, it was created by MOUNT NICHOLSON No. 3 house in the Peak, and the price of the house was over RMB 126,000.

In terms of housing design, Zhu Yepei said that the project is located in the valley and surrounded by mountains to serve as a natural barrier, effectively reducing the impact of the sound waves of Long Cheung Road on the housing estates. In addition, due to the high ground, the units adopt large glass windows and have more convection windows. To make every unit as open as possible to the views of the urban area of ​​Kowloon, it also increases the indoor lighting. “Even if it is a toilet, it will try to set up ventilation windows."